Rune Stone Reading for March

What do rune stones say about your future this March?

Published: Feb 22, 2022

Scandinavian runes can read your future like an open book. More than that – they can answer all your questions regarding your life, career, and relationship this month! Here's what runes are saying... 

Kauna: Are You Lucky This March?

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Kauna is a symbol of intelligence, illumination, shedding light on various matters, and creativity.

Love, Family, and Kids

This rune stands for raw power that gives life. Because it helps transform information into understanding, you will be able to upgrade your family or romantic relationships to the next level. The rune urges you to talk to your loved ones about your feelings and problems. Ask them for support if you need it.

Kauna is one of the classic runes in love magic: it is often used to ignite passion or to create or develop your relationship. If you’re working on your relationship, don’t stop halfway. Work harder than ever before: try to sort yourself out and let your feelings run free.

Your Health, According to Runes

This rune is an impulse, a push, a short-termed discharge of energy. This March, you will be a lot more energetic than usual. You will have enough strength to complete your projects and maybe even make your dreams come true!

Your Career, According to Runes

Kauna is a master starter for any project and gives you a lot of energy. It stands for expanding horizons, clearer vision, and a new level of knowledge that is totally achievable now. You can expect a flash of realization very soon: you will understand what exactly you want to achieve in your career and how to do it. Make sure to let others see what you’re capable of. Start acting NOW instead of waiting and waiting for the right time. Absorb the light of the rune!

Wunjo: Does it promise luck?

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This rune is full of energy. Wunjo is a light rune that supplies you with strength but it does not impose its will. Its impact is subtle but it can be very clearly felt.

Love, Family, and Kids

Wunjo is a rune of joy – it’s all about being happy. But you need to remember that it doesn’t necessarily change the course of your life. It just changes your perception. When you enter a Wunjo state of mind, you can upgrade your relationships with your loved ones. This rune urges you to give as much as possible to your significant other. It says that the period of darkness in your life is finally over - check for yourself now.

Your Health, According to Runes

Wunjo can’t make your life perfect but it gives you the necessary impulse to fill your soul and body with warmth and light. You’re finally coming to your senses. The shift has happened, and now all those previously blocked energies are available to you. 

Your Career, According to Runes

According to this rune, you’re finally entering the bright streak you’ve been hoping for. A joyful event is right around the corner. Don’t count on it to change your career, though – it will be just a little piece of joy. If you’re asking a question, Wunjo gives an affirmative answer

Perthro: Your Luck in March

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This rune is a vessel of mysteries and secrets. Perthro is the choice with an unknown outcome. It is also associated with the feminine nature. There’s also a connection with the subconscious realm, something close but concealed from view.

Love, Family, and Kids

Symbolizing the beginning of changes, Perthro says that you can find a long-lost friend or transform your relationship. Your inner world will transform as well. Now, it will be possible to overcome your egoism and discard unhealthy obsessions. Seek genuine freedom. The rune also signifies the possibility of sexual compatibility.

Your Health, According to Runes

This rune is speaking about your mental health and spiritual realm. It urges you to let go of your past without any exceptions because the renewal of your spirit is at stake. If you want to feel renewed or even reborn, stop thinking about your past. See what's waiting for you in your love life, according to Runes.

Your Career, According to Runes

Perthro shows that your intuition is very strong now. It signifies new opportunities in your career but also means that you can’t achieve your goals with ease. Perthro is a rune of search that urges you to become an impartial explorer. Let your intuition guide you but be careful.

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