Keeping Secrets

So, you got a secret and a desperate need to confide in someone? You’d better hold your tongue until you read this horoscope! Not all signs are equally good at keeping confidence; moreover, they have different reasons for spilling the beans – from kind-heartedness to spite. Learn more about each sign – and yours!

Published: May 05, 2021

Is your sign good at keeping secrets?


March 21 - April 19

You are a truly open-hearted person, Aries. You don’t have secrets because you eagerly share them with others. Secret info is a burden for you. What if you just blurt it out accidentally? What if you assume that it is already common knowledge? So, if you are asked if you’d like to know a secret, you’d probably say you wouldn’t.

It doesn’t mean though that you are a hopeless confidant. You know the line you should not cross and you know how to keep quiet. Only it’s too hard to do so when the secret you’ve been told is really a good, happy one, like an upcoming engagement or a new baby on the way. The bad news is easier to keep secret.

Keeping Secrets: Aries


April 20 - May 20

Honesty is one of your life principles, which makes keeping secrets one of the hardest jobs for you, Taurus. But if someone confides in you, you will keep a lid on what you’ve been told. You prize privacy as high as honesty, this is why you will neither blab others’ secrets out nor share your own too eagerly.

Whether it will be easy or too hard to keep someone else’s secret for you… well, that depends upon the secret itself. If it is a surprise party – you’ll be tight as a clam. But if you find out our friend’s spouse is cheating on them, the dilemma of whether you should step in and tell or keep quiet and let them sort it out on their own will keep you restless at night.


May 21 - June 20

Keeping secrets is not your strong suit. You enjoy communicating, informing people, so how can you keep something juicy under a lid? For you, it’s not gossiping – just sharing the news, so why not let the world know?

There is a way to confide in Gemini and be sure that no one else will know the secret – to make them swear to secrecy. Gemini is true to their word once they’ve given one. But keeping mum is not in their nature, so they’d prefer not to know the secret rather than be made to keep it.


June 21 - July 22

Secrets make you nauseous: you feel ill at ease both when you have to be upfront and when you have to keep things under wraps. The pressure of keeping a secret may end up with you blabbing it out and adding hurriedly: “Please don’t tell anyone else” in a feeble attempt to fix your failure.

Interestingly, positive secrets like an upcoming engagement or a baby on the way, especially if they are about the people you love, do not intimidate you. Your friends and family may rest assured that their secret is safe with you. It is important for you to keep these things quiet because a secret you share with the ones you love only strengthens your bond.

Keeping Secrets: Cancer


July 23 - August 22

If anyone can keep a secret, it’s definitely you, Leo. The more important the secret, the more vigorously you are going to protect it. It’s the importance of the situation that makes you keep mum: you are privy to limited-access info and you are eager to take full responsibility for its safety.

Since you take secrets very seriously, you do not promise everyone to keep them. You’d only be willing to protect the confidence of the people you trust and personally like. However, if the secret you are asked to keep puts another person’s well-being at risk, you will not hesitate.


August 23 - September 22

You are a very modest person by nature, so you do not let people in on your secrets easily. This trait of yours also helps you dutifully keep other people’s confidence. However, if a secret you are asked to keep concerns something sticky or even illegal you will most certainly never agree to keep it.

Private matters present no such problem – you’d easily honor, say, a request not to tell anyone about a child given up for adoption, especially if it’s its mother who asks you to keep the secret. And if you gave your word you’ll stay true to it no matter what.


September 23 - October 23

You are not at all a secretive person – the people you communicate with on a regular basis know all about you, even the things that others might prefer to conceal. However, when it comes to keeping secrets, you might be the first your friends turn to. You are a great confidant and advisor, reliable, warm-hearted, and wise.

You also have expert knowledge and an innate understanding of the matters of the heart, this is why you probably have to keep loads of secrets for all of your friends. But you are equally good at honoring job-related secrets because you know how they can strike back. However, you tend to confide in your spouse at all times, so the safety of the secrets you are keeping actually depends on how trustworthy your spouse is!

Keeping Secrets: Libra


October 24 - November 22

Scorpios are sure that private matters are called private for a good reason, this is why they never speak with anyone about theirs. However, it does not mean that they are good at keeping other people’s secrets – after all, the secrets are theirs, not yours, so why should you be the keeper?

More specifically, you are certain to refuse to honor the confidentiality of information that is at odds with your moral principles. There is one more fact about you and secrets, and it is weird but true: the more you tend to open up the fewer secrets people tend to ask you to keep. You’ll still keep yours, though, quite a few of them.


November 23 - December 21

You know how to keep your mouth shut when you need to keep things secret. But it is only true when the secrets are yours. Whenever you come across an interesting piece of private info, you let the cat out of the bag almost immediately – just for the sake of entertaining your friends with a fun story. This is why you sometimes would prefer not to have been told in the first place.

However, since you know the mechanism that needs to be at work, your friends can still confide in you, only they need to put an emphasis on how important it is not to spill the beans. They should probably repeat that request a couple of times to make sure that you remember and remind you about it from time to time afterward. The rule is simple: the more important a secret is the more likely you are to keep it.


December 22 - January 19

Younger Capricorns are not too good at honoring secrets, but not because they are unreliable. They need a way to overcome their inborn shyness, so they use the juicy stories they are told in private to improve their chances of becoming the life of the party.

But as you grow more mature, you realize that it’s keeping confidences, and not spilling the beans for the sake of entertainment, that can help you win respect. And the respect of others means a world to you. It is especially true in your professional field – business-related secrets and your company’s interests are the things that keep your lips zipped.

Keeping Secrets: Capricorn


January 20 - February 19

You are a fairly reserved personality, so keeping secrets, no matter if they are yours or other people’s, is not particularly difficult for you. You actually feel the weight of the word “honor” in “honoring confidence”. The only possible reason for you spilling a secret out can be a crisis resolution.

Professional secrets are just as important for you as personal private matters. However, if you feel that the information that’s being concealed can help to avoid a problem at work, you will speak out. Another thing is that you may not give it out in full – only the bit that will help to save the situation.


February 20 - March 20

You are a secret-keeping guru, Pisces, especially when it comes to your own life. People around may be completely unaware of the whole aspects of it for as long as you want them to stay unaware. You are quite good at honoring others’ secrets as well.

Your only problem with secrets is that secrets are mostly stories that can teach one a lesson. And when a friend asks for your advice and relates a story that is very similar to a secret you are already keeping, you may involuntarily use it as an educational aid. You can still do it but remember to anonymize the story so that no detail of it will incriminate the person who initially told it to you.

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