Guilty Pleasures

None of us without a strain – everyone has a pleasure that is a bit… too taboo to talk about with strangers. Some of these pleasures are shared by everyone, some are more specific. Anyway… For every zodiac sign, there’s some guilty pleasure that works exactly for its natives. Let’s find out what’s yours!

Published: Apr 28, 2021

Guilty pleasures for all zodiac signs!


March 21 - April 19

It is typical for a bit chaotic Aries natives to crave for constant action. Sometimes it looks like you don’t care about the impression you give to other people. But it’s secretly not completely true – no Aries native wants to go unnoticed. You want your daring nature to be as conspicuous as possible.

The guilty pleasure of most Aries natives will be a bit wild way to use their social media accounts. Natives of this sign can get a little carried away at times. Most of the time, actually. Almost always, to be exact. You post selfies every time you see such a possibility. Or even if there’s no such a possibility – when did obstacles actually mean anything to the stubborn natives of Aries, the most combatant of all signs of the Zodiac?

Never. You will post the damn selfie which will prove to your friends that you are actually in the middle of a lake with alligators at this very moment. Nothing will stop you from posting this photo with you and an alligator smiling at the camera. “Me on the left!” the capture of the photo will say.


April 20 - May 20

Taurus natives are down-to-earth creatures. They know how to keep both their feet on the ground no matter what happens to them. They don’t allow themselves to get carried away and don’t like to be the center of attention. “Just let me get things done and leave me alone, I know what I am doing”, a Taurus native might say.

Guilty pleasures for Taurus

But (there’s always a but) Taurus guys also tend to be a bit… contrarian. Sometimes you like to disagree just for the sake of disagreeing. You tend to break the established order of things and not take credit for it. Without any reason whatsoever – just for the hell of it. Because it’s, you know, fun. 

Your main (you actually have many of them) guilty pleasure would be spotting a controversial issue – aha, here it is! – and playing the devil’s advocate. “Looks like it’s an unpopular opinion! It would be a shame if someone defended it on social media”, some Taurus native might think, grinning to themselves. And if there’s a Taurus native in an online discussion – there will be no survivors.


May 21 - June 20

Gemini natives usually crave for communication. Chatty guys, they are. You like to absorb your environment, everything that is around you. Your element is Air, which makes you the most mobile people known to this planet. This moment you are here… and then you are not. Where are you, Gemini native?

Ah, here you are. You are already attending some party a person you don’t know threw. That’s not very nice of you to leave like that! Anyway, you are the perfect party-goer. You just know how to make things interesting for everybody and have some fun. And there’s nothing wrong with it (you know it). 

Your sign’s guilty pleasure will be your sudden urges to break connections with people you know: turn off your phone or ignore the calls and just walk away somewhere. Or even go to a long night drive without telling anyone and sing along to a song that is playing in your car while your phone vibrates for the thousandth time. But your loved ones don’t judge you – they understand.


June 21 - July 22

Cancer guys like to be at home (who doesn’t like to be at home, after all? Poor souls if there are any). You like to be in charge and often play the role of a babysitter to the people around you even if they don’t want you to do so. “Stop it, Cancer native”, they sometimes exclaim, “Come on now, leave me alone. Please…” But usually, they say “What a nice person that Cancer native is.”

But sometimes THAT night happens. The night when you randomly say “Bye! Ha-ha” to your loved ones and leave the house and do something (relatively) wild with your friend or just by yourself. Because it’s fun! You need to have a break sometimes, right? Let the ones you usually babysit take care of themselves. They will be fine. 

“No!” these people will cry out. “Where is the Cancer person? I suddenly realized I need them immediately.” But alas, that’s too late. The Cancer native is already having the time of their life and no one can do anything about it.


July 23 - August 22

Here we go. Finally. The king (or queen) of the Zodiac! Everybody bend the knee! Leo natives like to be the center of attention during some luxurious events or parties. Everything is shiny and everybody looks at you. What can be better than this? Well, some Leo natives know the answer to this question.

Guilty pleasures for Leo

Sometimes Leo natives like to attend parties or events which are a bit… shady. A bar in the middle of nowhere will be a good example. Or a party was thrown by a literal who. Leo natives go there, humming something off-key on their way, and dive into the atmosphere of risk and danger. Right into the unknown. 

No one knows you here – and that is great for you. You can do something really random and wild without being recognized. You can be a bit silly. You can enjoy talking to new people without caring about your brilliant reputation. Ah, that feels good, doesn’t it? You know it does!


August 23 - September 22

Virgo natives tend to work too much. It is surprising you aren’t actually working right now, Virgo native. That’s kind of rare, you know. Sometimes you just wake up at night and go like: “Damn, I wish I was working right now.” And then go back to sleep because you are not a crazy person, after all.

Your guilty (not that guilty, actually. Perfectly normal human behavior) pleasure will be sometimes just letting it go. That evening happens when you are working overtime, your co-workers are long gone, you are staring at your laptop’s screen… And then say: “Into the trash, it goes” and slam the laptop shut!

You had enough. Your time to relax has arrived! You come home from work and just do nothing. Then you take a day-off and do nothing again. Then a six-month sabbatical, maybe? Well, why not. You actually deserved it. There’s nothing wrong with being unproductive at times – don’t trust anyone who says otherwise.


September 23 - October 23

Libra natives always look for balance and peace for everything and everyone. You care a lot about people around you and always check if everything is in order. You just can’t tolerate if something goes wrong and you do your best to fix it. Nothing can stop you on your way to fix things and restore peace! Nothing.

But it can’t be always like that. Sometimes you go against your peaceful nature. Sometimes you can leave a thing broken or even break a thing yourself. Or even throw a little tantrum! Just a little, let’s keep things civil, okay? Or don’t listen and do your thing: get wild and throw several plates at the wall. 

You have to relieve your stress in one way or another, don’t you? A tantrum is a good way to do it. Another good way will be hitting the gym, or jogging, or watching some gory movie, but that’s too boring. We are talking about guilty pleasures here, not boring or normal pleasures, after all.


October 24 - November 22

You Scorpio guys are definitely sophisticated people, aren’t you? You look for depth in everything. Your favorite books, your favorite movies – if a work of art is even relatively simple, that’s not your thing. “Boo!” a Scorpio native may say. “That’s not art house enough for me!”

Guilty pleasures for Scorpio

But sometimes, when there’s no one around… When not a single living person can see you… You close your curtains (you look out of the window several times to check if someone’s watching you), make a cup of cocoa for yourself and turn on a really silly movie on your laptop or TV set. Or get comfortable on your bed and read a young adult book about vampires. 

And there’s nothing wrong about being scared by young adult book vampires from time to time. They can be scary. You can even find some depth in them… After all, they are immortal creatures of endless wisdom. There’s definitely something you can learn from these guys. 


November 23 - December 21

Travel is your passion, Sagittarius native. You just don’t like to stay in one place for too long. If it’s your day off, there’s a very low possibility to see you at home – you will be somewhere else. Somewhere in the mountains, probably? Even if there are no mountains in your state or country, you are in the mountains during your day off, that’s for sure.

You don’t only travel – your habit is to be very active during your travels. You don’t stay at one place just staring at some tourist attractions, no. You are always in action. You take a brief glance at the tourist attraction, mumble “cool” to yourself and continue your trip. Then you go to the next attraction and take a brief glance… Repeat until your vacation is over.

And you are proud to be such an active person. You always tell your friends that you visited Italy only once – but have seen Rome, Milan, Venice, Avignon... oops, that was your travel to France. Everyone knows that you are very active during your vacation but that’s not completely true. Sometimes you book a ticket to Nice, go to the seaside, and just lie on the beach. And that, Sagittarius native, is completely okay.


December 22 - January 19

You, Capricorn native, are a stubborn person. Extremely so. You are known for your no-nonsense attitude and you tend to do your work all by yourself. Even if you are desperately in need for help, you will not accept it. Even if your co-workers, friends, and random passers-by tell you: “Let me help! It’s obvious that you are tired! Capricorn native, you are ruining things! Let us fix them!”

And you whisper: “No!”, continuing to do your work. You enjoy it. That is, actually, your guilty pleasure. You like to overtire yourself and have everyone around you to stay and watch the beads of sweat to roll down your temples. You work until your head is blowing up or until your hands are shivering. 

“No one ever helps me,” a Capricorn native sometimes mumbles to herself or himself. “I have to do everything all by myself!” And people around them will exclaim: “But, but… we tried to help!” Don’t listen to them, though. You truly did all by yourself and have every right to feel good about it.


January 20 - February 19

While everyone else lives in the current year, Aquarius natives live in 3020. They can’t stop thinking about the future. You, guys, always ask yourselves if the thing you are doing at the moment is a good thing to do from the point of view of your descendants. “Won’t it harm the environment? Won’t my distant offspring laugh at me for doing this thing?” you keep asking yourself.

Guilty pleasures for Aquarius

Everyone knows you as a person who cares about the consequences. You are a person to rely on. You calculate everything beforehand. No surprise is possible on your watch. But… sometimes, really rarely, you let yourself lose control and commit a nuisance. Everything in you cries out in pain and surprise when you do so but that’s a part of the game. 

You do something dumb and allow yourself to face the consequences and fix things. You are terrified, but you actually enjoy the chaos you created. When your friends ask you who is responsible for all this mess, you answer that it was you. And you are proud of it. 


February 20 - March 20

Everyone knows you, Pisces native, as a generally nice and caring person. You rarely criticize someone. If someone you know missteps or does something extremely dumb, annoying or awkward, usually you just shrug it off. “Well, that person probably had every reason to do it,” a Pisces native might say about a guy who shoved them and knocked them down.

But sometimes you allow yourself to stop being such a compassionate and tolerant person. You might even criticize someone… You might even laugh at a guy who tripped and fell and broke both his legs (that’s a joke, don’t do that). You might even leave a sarcastic comment under some random person’s ugly picture. 

You never get too rude, though. You are a good person, after all. A snarky comment about a picture (probably) won’t hurt anyone. And it will be extremely satisfying for you (which is the most important thing). You let yourself be a bit judgmental, you relieve the stress accumulated in your body – and you’re fine again and ready to be the nicest person around. 

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