Pet Personality

Use your pet astrological profile to understand them better

By Eugenia Stern

Published: Dec 09, 2020

Astrology is not just for humans – it works just as fine for pets! Whether it’s your cat or dog, parrot or raccoon, stars and planets affect them and make them behave in one way or another. Track down your pet’s date of birth (approximate dates are okay) and use their astrological profile to learn more about their personality! 

Whether you casually skim your horoscope every month or religiously analyze every planetary movement, you’ve probably tried consulting planets about your compatibility with your latest crush, your husband, or your favorite actor (because why not?..). But knowing astrological details about someone else – someone who has four legs (or a pair of wings) – is just as important. That’s right, astrology can help you understand your pet better.

girl holding a cat

So… How do I know my pet's astrological profile?

It all begins with how your sign aligns with your pet’s. Astrological harmony with your cat or dog (or parrot, etc) works similar to how it does with humans (read more about Zodiac compatibility HERE. To learn more about incompatibility, check out THIS): for example, if you’re a Virgo, you will be compatible with a Taurus or Capricorn pet but you won’t be as compatible with a pet born under Aries, Virgo, or Sagittarius. 

long-haired girl holding a green parrot

So, if you’re planning to adopt some beautiful four-legged creature, you may want to find out when he or she was born to learn more about their personality traits. 

If you already have a pet, you can use astrology to understand what is going on in their minds, what worries them, or find out how to better train them. For example, if your sign is Virgo (and Virgos love harmony and order, just like Libras) and your pet’s sign is unruly Aries, you will have to work on your patience. Be ready to spend a lot of time (and we mean A LOT) trying to make your furry friend a bit more disciplined. 

young girl with a ponytail holding a white dog

Which zodiac signs are the best pets?

There are no ‘bad’ pets (however, adopting a Tasmanian devil may be a bad idea but it has nothing to do with Zodiac signs), but according to experienced astrologers who also happen to be pet owners, Taurus pets (born between April 20 and May 21) are the easiest pets to train. They’re mostly peaceful and least likely to destroy your house while you’re at work. Cancerian pets are just like Cancerian humans – they’re sensitive and value peace and quiet. Similar to human Leos, pet Leos are inborn leaders and love children. They hate being criticized, though, so be careful while training your pet Leo. 

Capricorns (those born between December 22 and January 19) are often the most stubborn and simply refuse to understand what you want them to do. Scorpios are a bit less strong-willed than Caps but dealing with them may be a hard task, too. If your pet is an Aquarian or Gemini, be ready for occasional cases of recklessness. 

girl with curly hair kissing a dog

What if I don’t know my pet’s date of birth?

If you have no idea when exactly your pet was born, try using your intuition and your knowledge of astrology. For example, if your pet is an unruly creature that randomly sows chaos, they may be an Aries. Have a look at the most common traits of Zodiac signs (here and here) – maybe some of these descriptions sound exactly like your Tiger or Fluffy? 

Remember that astrology is just another way of understanding your pet. Your furry friend’s breed, age, and even unique traits are also important factors you should take into consideration while training them/bonding with them! 

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