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Do you sometimes feel like another sign? Like, when you’re Libra but sometimes feel that mysterious Scorpio vibe? Then you may be one of those Cusp Signs – people whose birthday falls on the time when the Sun leaves one sign and enters another. Read on to learn more about the conflicts, struggles, and beauty of the Zodiac Cusp!

Published: May 05, 2021

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April 16–22

This is probably the most powerful duo of the entire Zodiac: pure strength and dominance. Just give them a position of power, and they will know what to do with it to take it to the next level. And they are sure to reach the top – nothing can stop them from achieving what they really want.

Cusp Signs: Aries-Taurus

Mars and Venus rule this cusp together, making this Zodiac combo great at art, love, friendship, and leadership. Aries-Taureans work and love in earnest. They love to give advice – and people around them should listen carefully because this duo can see situations from all angles and see a clear path.


May 17–23

The tradition-keeper of the Zodiac meets the energetic Gemini in this beautiful cusp. Ambitious, humble, smart, grounded, these people are the combination of every good Taurean and Gemini trait. They are great at talking and can discuss any subject even if they actually don’t know anything about it.

What they aren’t that good at is listening to what others have to say. They tend to talk over people and pay too much attention to themselves and their dramas. They’re hardworking people who love to be acknowledged and praised for their work, so if you want to become their favorite person, praise them and compliment them.


June 17–23

This powerful Zodiac duo often finds itself in the center of attention – and they love it. They are social butterflies and often can be the life of the party. They are full of raw emotions and can read you from far, far away but reading them can be almost impossible because they’re notoriously private about their feelings.

Cusp Signs: Gemini-Cancer

Mercury and the Moon rule this beautiful Zodiac cusp together, making this sensitive and affectionate duo extremely aware of their surroundings. Their trust is hard to win but when you win it, they treat you like family. You can share any secret with them and be sure that it will remain a secret.


July 19–25

What an explosive duo! When the emotional Cancer meets the passionate Leo, you should expect lots, lots of drama and feelings. They tend to make mountains out of molehills – you will never get bored when there’s a Cancer-Leo in the same room. They just know how to keep things interesting.

Swinging from one feeling to another, this cusp sign is focused on mental and physical movements. Life is never dull for these volatile creatures (and for their family as well). The Moon and the Sun guide them together, creating an interesting combination of shyness and the Leo-ish love for attention. Loyal and affectionate, this cusp sign needs to love and to be loved – this is crucial for them to feel alive.


August 19–25

This cusp sign surely is special because it’s both about fire and earth, caution and command, idealism and emotions. Leo-Virgo is full of conflicts and often feels like being torn between two extremes. Finding balance is a hell of a task for them. This is a war between the extroverted side and the introverted side.

This cusp is focused both on secrecy and communication. They know what to say at the right time but sometimes their desire for privacy and loneliness may prevail. Intimacy is important for this cusp sign but at the same time, they struggle with it. They just can’t open up quickly enough, so give them time!


September 19–25

Due to Libra’s love for beauty and Virgo’s obsession with details, this cusp sign is the aesthete of the Zodiac. These people tend to be extremely charismatic, sensitive, kind, and very, very intelligent. They value beauty in people and in art. Sensual pleasures mean a lot to this sophisticated cusp sign.

Cusp Signs: Virgo-Libra

Due to being ruled by both Mercury and Venus, this sign is all about responsibility and fairness. When they work in a team, their ability to be open-minded and fair under all circumstances is their strongest point. Their meticulous and idealistic nature can be a bit annoying at times: they are just too honest.


October 19–25

Danger! This cusp sign is highly flammable. Being ruled by Pluto and Venus, this sign is all about beauty, mystery, sexual energy, and lots of passion. They also tend to be brutally honest, so, if you’re friends with one of them, don’t ask them hard questions unless you’re ready to hear a blistering response.

Their sexual energy and unique attitude give them a leg up in social interactions. Their honesty and bossiness (potentially annoying traits) somehow make this cusp extra-charming. In the love department, this sign is loyal, loving, and romantic but the flip-side of all these is their jealousy that often hurts relationships.


November 18–24

In this powerful cusp, brave Sagittarius meets dark Scorpio, and this duo is totally not for the faint of heart. Think twice before messing with these people! They are ruled by Mars, Pluto, and Jupiter, and love going against the grain. Contradicting just feels nice and right to this self-willed cusp sign.

They’re rebellious, contrarian, and revolutionary. They are inborn leaders, and no obstacles can scare them. In the love department, they are sometimes possessive but can also be kind and romantic. Conflicts at work happen in their lives a bit too often so self-employment is probably the ideal career path for them.


December 18–24

If you need someone to get the job done (no matter what the job is: opening a jar or saving humanity), you can count on this powerful cusp sign. They just know what is needed to be done and how to do it. This duo equals practicality, optimism, and truly unique productivity. Sag and Cap never fail to deliver.

Cusp Signs: Sagittarius-Capricorn

This cusp sign is everything one can wish for: they are loyal, affectionate, and understanding. But they have the shadow side, too: they can be controlling and way too demanding. Paired with their explosive temperament, their desire to control everything can become a serious issue in their relationships.


January 16–23

People who are both Capricorn-y and Aquarius-y (is this a word?) can display various personality traits to the public but in fact, their private, inner life is much more important to them. They tend to be dreamy and create whole worlds in their minds – and these worlds may be more exciting than any fantasy novel.

Because their inner life is so entertaining, these people can be sometimes disappointed with the real world – it may feel dull and repetitive to them. The upside to this ability to create worlds in their minds is the natural creativity they can use in work. They can make good painters, poets, and writers.


February 15–21

If you’re Aquarius and Pisces at the same time, you’re the psychic of the Zodiac. Even though your soul is extremely sensitive and compassionate, you are pretty extroverted and enjoy seeing new people. You are loved for your unique ability to be tolerant and understanding regardless of the circumstances.

Being Piscean means being dreamy, so there’s no surprise that you love building castles in the air. You’re also somewhat disorganized and tend to procrastinate – but it’s normal not to have time to be organized when there are so many ideas in your mind! There’s just too much creative energy in this cusp.


March 17–23

If you’re a part of the Pisces-Aries squad, congratulations because this cusp tends to be successful. In this Zodiac combo, the dreamer meets the doer, creating an effective, unconventional leader. They’re totally not afraid to be the first to take action and take the lead – and they enjoy every second of leading.

One of the most definitive personality traits of this powerful cusp is their ability to push boundaries – and sometimes they are not even aware of it, which can result in some hurt feelings and misunderstandings. They know how to make people feel comfortable, though, so misunderstandings are resolved quickly.

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