How the Lunar Eclipse Will Affect Your Zodiac Sign

Eclipses are profound energetic occurrences that can bring about intense unforeseen events. Keep reading to see how the upcoming lunar eclipse will affect your sign.

By Ani

Published: Nov 15, 2021

There are multiple eclipses each year and they affect us all differently depending on our sign and the house the eclipse falls in. Eclipses can bring about endings, new beginnings, and overall sudden change.

What can you expect from this Lunar Eclipse?

The next lunar eclipse promises to put us all face to face with some intense energies. Keep reading to see how this next eclipse affects your sun sign!


Aries will have their finances on the forefront during this lunar eclipse.

Your money and finances come into focus during this eclipse. There may be a sudden shake-up around your income, job, or any other physical assets you currently hold. This event may make you feel a bit unstable, or it might end up bringing some positive changes to your finances. As an Aries, you can act a bit impulsively at times. So, whatever this event is, try to remain calm and assess the situation before you act. What seems scary at first glance might end up being a blessing in disguise.


Taurus should use the lunar eclipse as a time for self-reflection and grounding practices.

The lunar eclipse makes you evaluate yourself, your priorities, and how you show up in the world. On the more dramatic side of things, you might have a crisis of self where you feel a sudden and intense desire to completely change who you are as an individual. Try to take this all in stride. Change isn’t easy for a Taurus, but if you work with the energy as it comes, you’ll find yourself in a space of confidence and clarity. If the moon happens to be in your sign during the eclipse, it might make you feel more emotional than usual. Do grounding exercises to work through what you’re experiencing.


The lunar eclipse is going to force Gemini to dig into the emotions they’ve been avoiding.

For the lighthearted and fun-loving Geminis, the lunar eclipse might be rough. Emotions that you’ve ignored or buried might dig their way up to the surface. This will be a test to see if you can weather the storm or succumb to it. Though not always enjoyable, self-reflection is necessary, and you’ll be much better off once you’ve dealt with whatever arises. Get plenty of rest and pay attention to your dreams, as you might receive messages this way. Take some time to dive deep into how you’re feeling so that you heal as opposed to continuing any uncomfortable cycles.


Cancer’s friendships and inner circle will change and evolve during the lunar eclipse.

The eclipse brings your attention to your friendships and your “tribe”. This could mean that you’re ending a friendship or starting a new one that ends up being a profound, lifelong connection. This is an opportunity to reevaluate your hopes and dreams, and how you’re being supported in making them come true. Something might happen which causes you to shift your perspective on the visions you have for yourself and your future. Take the information as it comes and allow it to guide you toward helpful and lasting change.


Lunar eclipse energy will put Leos front and center in their businesses or jobs.

The lunar eclipse will test how you show up in your work or business. And if you handle the energies correctly, you’ll find yourself thriving! No one can put themselves on center stage like a Leo and this is the time to prove it. You might experience an unexpected shift in your career or work, so tap into that innate confidence of yours to ensure you come out on top. A word of caution – make sure you move carefully with your co-workers or boss during this time. Energies are high and you don’t want to trigger a meltdown.


Spiritual connection is the theme for Virgo this lunar eclipse.

During the lunar eclipse, you’ll feel more deeply connected to your spirituality and beliefs. You might have a profound experience or revelation that either solidifies your current spiritual path or sets you on a journey toward a new one. This is also a great time to focus on wrapping up any personal life lessons you’ve been working through so that you can make space to level up in new and exciting ways. It’ll be important to not overanalyze your journey at this time. Follow your intuition and trust the process.


The lunar eclipse will cause Libra to focus on deep and lasting transformation.

Much like your fellow air sign Gemini, the eclipse sets you up to experience some deep energy while you’d rather be hanging out on the surface. The spotlight is on total transformation. This could mean transforming something physical like your home or finances. Or you might experience a transformation in your outlook and opinion on pressing issues in your life. Soul searching on what’s important right now. You might be confronted with some of your deep dark secret fears, but this is one of the best times energetically to face them.


Scorpios come face to face with important decisions regarding their relationships during the lunar eclipse.

Relationships are at the forefront for Scorpios during the eclipse. You’ll be urged to make major decisions about your personal connections, both romantic and otherwise. It’s time to decide if you’re taking things to the next level or if it would be better to move on. If you’re single, someone might come out of the blue and sweep you off your feet or take you on an amazing adventure. Whether it lasts forever or simply ends up being something fun, this person will leave a lasting impression. It’ll be important for all Scorpios to put themselves out there and open their hearts to possibilities.


The lunar eclipse theme for Sagittarius is health, wellness, and creating better habits.

The eclipse might bring up issues and topics related to your health and body. It’s a good time to break an unhelpful habit that’s been holding you back from being the healthiest version of yourself. Take care to move carefully as sometimes eclipses can manifest as accidents of some sort. Additionally, something might shake up your day-to-day routine, possibly for the better. Use the energy of the eclipse to focus on the small daily habits that will help you get into a new, more productive flow.


Capricorns are going to have to lighten up and have fun to make the most of the eclipse energy.

It’s time to not take things so seriously. The eclipse requires you to tap into creativity and have a little bit of fun! Keep an open mind as something might happen that causes a spark of inspiration. This is a good time to relax and enjoy yourself - which may be hard for you, Capricorn. But remember that saying about all work and no play! Resisting eclipse energy always causes some frustration, so you might as well take this as an opportunity to loosen up. The lesson here is to try to flow with whatever comes up in a fun and creative way.


Aquarians will be feeling the most lunar eclipse energy in their home and the people they live with.

The eclipse brings big energy shifts regarding your home and your roots. For example, you might find yourself returning to the place you grew up or you might start the process of moving. If you live with others, it can feel as if they’re taking up more energetic space which might lead to a few annoying conflicts. Try not to take things too personally and remember that eclipses do a good job of putting everyone on edge. This is a great time to focus on the connection between your family or housemates so that you can find common ground and keep the peace between you.


The lunar eclipse asks Pisces to focus on what’s important and prioritize themselves before others.

You might feel like you’re taking a jolt to the system during the lunar eclipse. Your schedule may fill up and it might feel like everyone needs your attention. Focus on prioritizing the most important tasks and people in your life during this time. More importantly, don’t be afraid to say “no” to things that you know will drain your energy. Empathetic Pisces already takes on everyone else’s energy as it is. If you need to slip away for some alone time, that’s totally fine! Do whatever you need to recharge your batteries.

Eclipses are always an intense period that can bring about lots of change and transformative energy. However, having an idea of what to expect can take the pressure off and help you feel more prepared. Remember to be adaptable and flexible during this eclipse and all major life shifts. Keeping this attitude allows you to handle anything that comes your way with strength and confidence.

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