Rune Reading for February

See how lucky you are this month according to runes

Published: Jan 27, 2022

Will you meet your love this February? Will you succeed career-wise? Will you be lucky? Or will the month bring more drama and challenges? 

Scandinavian runes represent a beautiful system of wisdom and clairvoyance that is of great help whenever you need guidance. They surely know the answers to our questions, so let’s find out what they have to say about your future. Keep on reading to get psychic advice on career, family, and love.

Rune Reading: Which runes shape your life this February

This month, 3 powerful runes step forward to guide you through your life and tell you what to expect: Thurisaz, Nauthiz, and Raido. Here’s what exactly they say about your life this February.

Thurisaz: What it says about your career


Man jumping over a cliff

This rune is saying that you’ve just entered a path of challenges – and everything depends on you and you alone. You need to think hard about your situation and analyze it from various points of view. Don’t change anything before thinking everything over. Take your time before making a decision or it will create even more problems than you already have. Hastiness is your enemy, so make sure to take it slow and reflect.

Meaning of the rune

Thurisaz doesn’t tolerate disobedience. This rune is an uncontrollable force that takes little account of anyone and just follows its own complicated logic. Do not try to overmaster it. Its goals are mostly honorable but can stand in contrast to what you want to achieve.

Nauthiz: What it says about your family and love life


A young couple quarreling and standing back to back

Your problems in your relationship seem to be stronger than you are as yet. Try to suppress your discontent with the world around you. Put up with emotional losses if you don’t want to lose even more or even have a depressive episode. You’re mad at yourself and your partner and don’t believe that your relationship will be better. Make sure to take it easy. Don’t be too hard on yourself or your partner. Don’t be too quick to judge. Think and analyze before acting.

Meaning of the rune

This is a complex rune that brings out those areas where growth has come to a halt. Nauthiz urges you to fight with your weaknesses and discover what exactly causes misfortune. The rune is saying that trouble helps you improve and upgrade your relationship. The most important thing now is to resist melancholy and take care of yourself and your partner. They need your support more than ever. 

Raido: What it says about your life in general


A girl walking alone on a mountain highway

The rune means you’re on the road at the moment – and your journey will be successful. But you should be ready for a long journey with lots of plot twists. You have a long path in front of you: it may be a career- or love-related journey. You may be working on some long-term project or trying to improve your relationship. Raido is saying that you’re moving forward. Be strong and fight your fears

Meaning of the rune

This rune is all about connection and harmony in all spheres of your life. It symbolizes the reunification you achieve at the end of your long journey. Self-healing is the predominant part of this rune’s essence. The rune is saying that one of the most important things now is to keep walking and moving – but make sure not to act on impulse. Be thoughtful and reasonable. 

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