Runic 2021 Forecast

What you can expect from 2021, according to Norse runes

Published: Dec 25, 2020

What will 2021 be like? Will it bring luck? Will it be at least A BIT better than 2020? We all want to know this – that’s why we’ve just asked runes to tell us what to expect from the Year of the Ox. Read on to find out what these 3 Norse runes are saying about 2021! 

Uruz Runic Reading (Reversed)


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The first rune, Uruz (pronounced OO-rooz) rules the beginning of the year and is associated with energy but its energy is not furious or invasive. Its goal is not to inspire but to allow you to create. Uruz is a blank page, and it’s up to you to decide what to do with it. It’s about giving you possibilities – nothing else. 

You need to remember: only by overcoming yourself will you overcome the resistance of the outside world. If you’re at war with yourself, you will always meet resistance from others. You need a serious analysis of how you treat yourself. 

Health Prediction

The rune contains enough energy to bring it into any area of your life. It’s a powerful healing rune that can help you if you’re weakened by a prolonged illness. It also helps you feel the joy of life.

Career Prediction

Because the rune is reversed, the energies may be acting contrary to your desires. You may face obstacles or disappointments soon. It might indicate financial losses or missed chances. It will seem that your power and strength are being used against you, and this will serve as a wake-up call, with minor setbacks serving as hints and signs. But if you’re insensitive and choose to ignore those signs, you should be ready for a major shock. 

Love and Compatibility Prediction

In romance, the reversed rune indicates some kind of addictions – it may be addictions to a certain person or something that may cause harm to your current relationship. The rune may also indicate minor problems in the sexual sphere. 

Jera Runic Reading


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This rune will step into the spotlight in May and will rule our lives until the end of August. It is associated with livestock and wealth. It’s also connected with waiting and getting the results that are well worth the wait. The result is a hundred times bigger than what you planted in the fertile soil several months ago. It means that Jera needs time: you need to wait for your reward and work hard to achieve it despite all the difficulties that may appear. 

Health Prediction

The rune says that no major health issues are expected this year. Jera’s essence will give you enough strength to keep a cheerful spirit. 

Career Prediction

If you need to complete a certain project, the rune plays in your favor. Jera is a sign of a successful resolution of your situation. Jera is business-oriented: whatever you set your mind to will yield results.

Jera says that you'll overcome all the losses that you had to come across thanks to your perseverance but you need to remember to stick to your plan; try not to get distracted. The rune needs your help: if you want to use the rune’s essence to your advantage, you need to work hard

Love and Compatibility Prediction

According to Jera, your relationship may be upgraded to the next level. If something is bothering you, it is predicted to go away.

Othala Runic Reading


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The last rune is associated with the period from September to December and is linked to the concepts of kindred, inheritance, and ancestry. It can sometimes foretell death because inheritance always comes after someone dies. But the rune does not necessarily mean literal death. 

Health Prediction

You may face minor health issues during this year. Make sure to seek strength and support from your family.

Career Prediction

Othala gives a sense of confidence, a sense of irreplaceability and purpose. You need to work hard this year to get results but the rune also tells you that it’s important to pay attention to your family. Listen to the advice of your loved ones closely – it may help you greatly. 

Love and Compatibility Prediction

The spent relationships need to be ended. However, you should not make any sudden movements. Whatever has to go will go of its own accord, problems in your relationship included.

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