2021 is all set with good vibes to bring positive changes to all the signs. Learn more about personal opportunities and limitations the year has in store for your sign.

This year, Sags should be ready for a pretty difficult period from June to October as your ruling planet Jupiter is predicted to send negative energies your way. Getting ahead during this period may be a hell of a job but you can minimize the damage by curtailing unnecessary activities. Ask yourself if your plans are really this important. Maybe some of them can be delayed?

There are three periods of the sign of Sagittarius:

the first period (November 23 – December 2), the second period (December 3 – December 12), and the third period (December 13 – December 21). Those born in the first period are likely to share their much-needed ideas with others this year and make a couple of important projects move forward. Those born in the second period may experience a very difficult year but due to their iron will, they’re likely to overcome all obstacles with relative ease. Those born in the third period may go abroad this year. Spiritual trips and discoveries are also very possible for you.

A group of new people may enter your life and make you feel more energetic. Be ready for the year to be pretty demanding, though. A significant change of direction may happen in early December.

Personal opportunities

Until early May, you’re likely to feel like your luck has abandoned you. Moving forward may feel impossible, but maybe you’re not supposed to move forward during this period? Try not to rush things and use this period for healing and rest. Focus on your health and polishing your skills. From late September, your luck is expected to come back and even become stronger.

Personal Limitations

Your life will go through a drastic change, and this change is predicted to be out of your control. From May 17 until June is a bad period for both finances and romantic relationships.

Sagittarius men

This year, you will do your best to make others understand and respect your choices. You will ask them to give you enough freedom to act as you see fit. You’re likely to face difficulties regarding time management: it will feel like time is going too fast. Not knowing where to start, you may often feel at a loss.

In the sphere of career, you’re likely to find your way towards success but be ready for lots of difficulties. If you’re evaluated against someone else for the position you’re hoping to get, you will win this fight.

Sagittarius women

You will be able to show others what you’re made of. You will show how enthusiastic you are and how ready you are to fight.

The beginning of the year may see financial problems, and your stress will reflect in the romantic life. Try to be more patient and understanding.

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