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December Tarot

Find out which Tarot card steals the spotlight this month
By Eugenia Dec 03, 2021

This month, a certain Tarot card steals the spotlight – and it looks reeeally intriguing. Check out your monthly Tarot reading to find out what the card says about your love life and your future in general!

December's Tarot Reading


Tarot Card - The Lovers.

This month’s main Tarot card is the Lovers. According to the Tarot astrology, it is associated with the number six, which is connected with beauty according to numerology. To find and understand this beauty, you need to do your best to analyze your feelings and your mind. This December, you will have to make important decisions and choose between several paths, where each has its own unique advantages and disadvantages. You will need to decide what you prefer: safety and boredom, or excitement and uncertainty.

This card is associated with free will and turning in a new direction. It may also represent youth and says that now, making mistakes when making decisions is more likely than before. It is also very related to innocence.

Interpretation of the Monthly Tarot Reading


Girl with a choice near the forked road

The card shows a naked man and woman standing beneath an angel in a beautiful landscape that reminds of the Garden of Eden. It represents emotional and physical healing. The angel, Raphael, blesses the man and woman. His name means ‘God heals’ and he speaks about the couple’s connection with the divine.

Behind the woman, we can see an apple tree and a snake. The serpent represents the temptations that may take one’s focus from what is really important – the divine.

In some other Tarot decks, this card is represented by a man situated between two women. The man must choose one of them. Thus, the card is talking about making a decision and changing your life.

Monthly Card Reading


Draw tarot on white background : The Lovers

Regarding your love life, this card answers if you want to marry a particular person. To find out, you will need to change something important in your life, like leaving your home town, ending your friendships, changing your attitudes, and so on. In your romantic life, choices are predicted to be very difficult, and chances are, you will make a mistake. Make sure to trust your intuition and analyze your situation carefully. The card may also mean that a third person may appear to disturb the peace in your relationship. A lot of conflicts may arise. 

In the sphere of your health, you’re predicted to start living a healthier life due to making the right choices. Think about changing (or upgrading if it’s possible) your gym routine or starting practicing a sport of your preference. Making your eating habits juuust a bit healthier will help, too! 

On a family level, the Lovers card says that a conflict may arise between daughters-in-law and mothers-in-law.

Overjoyed millennial girl jumping

Regarding your career path, this Tarot card predicts good relationships with your co-workers, tons of new opportunities, and healthy partnerships. However, in this sphere, you will also need to make important decisions regarding some of your projects. It will be essential to establish priorities. Remember that this month, you will need to avoid being guided by your emotions.

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