The Tarot in June

The Tarot: What It Says About Your Life In June

Published: Jun 14, 2022

Every month is associated with a certain Tarot card, and exploring each card’s meanings can give you a couple of clues on what to expect from your future. This June’s card looks mysterious, maybe even ominous… Does it promise success or failure?



This month’s Tarot Card: The Moon


The Moon Tarot Card Reading & Meaning

This card symbolizes the feminine energy; its meaning is close to the earth, which is the benevolent mother, while the moon is associated with the shadow aspect of the mother. Both the earth and the moon represent imagination and instinct.


How to interpret it?




Even though you’re likely to be busy all the time, you need to find the time to analyze yourself and explore your spirituality: this is important for your mental health. Expect a lot of challenges and obstacles on your way. The relationship with your mother (or your relationships with your kids) will go to another level. Make sure to abandon childishness and naivete to avoid disappointment. The Tarot can tell you more about your life. Check out this reading. 




This Tarot card shows a full moon in the middle of the night, with its rays shining, sometimes positioned between two towers. Underneath the moon, there are two dogs (or, sometimes, a dog and a wolf) barking up or howling at it. They may represent the wild and the tamed aspects of our minds. In the foreground there’s a small pool that represents the subconsciousness or mystery. A crayfish is crawling out of the pool – this symbolizes the consciousness and the duality of courage and fear. The two towers in the background guide us to the unconscious world. By the way, you can make serious mistakes while reading the Tarot. Read about them here.


What is its message?




The card is all about illusion, secrets, and hidden meanings. It suggests to be very careful about your relationship: a lot of things can be hidden from the untrained eye. The best way to discover what is hidden is to have a long and honest conversation.

Keep your eyes wide open and make sure not to miss any opportunities (especially if you work in an area that involves creativity) but don’t make hasty decisions. This month, your creativity will be stronger than ever because of the Moon’s vibes.


The card also promises gossips at the workplace, so be careful when you talk to people who are not your friends. This month, your personal life should remain personal.

The card tells us that we should expect a period of confusion that we’re too afraid to leave. It’s important to face the future and stop constantly thinking about the past. You can only solve problems by facing them. But remember: no hasty decisions. Be courageous but not reckless. Analyze reality in the most objective way possible but make sure to sometimes rely on your sixth sense as well. What else can you learn about your future? Check out this article. 



In the love sphere, the card promises a new relationship that has to be kept secret. It will bring a lot of excitement but also a lot of tension and sometimes even anxiety.

Due to its feminine energies, the card also indicates that the possibility of pregnancy is higher this month. If you’re single at the moment, be careful: some love illusions may appear! Get your complete love life forecast here.

Regarding health, the card tells that there may be some problems with the uterus and ovaries. Depression is also possible. Discover how to heal yourself here.

Generally, the card tells you to use your intuition, refrain from making hasty decisions, and let your creativity develop. Be extra cautious. Don’t let gossips and dishonest people confuse you.

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