Timeless Zodiac Advice

Life is not always kind to us. Haters, critics, our own vulnerability, lack of confidence, time, etc. can take the wind out from our sails. Unfortunately, there may be no one around to provide support or a much-needed kick up the rear to keep us going. Then, we need to remember a mantra – a timeless piece of advice that can encourage us to overcome difficulties. Find yours in this horoscope!

By Tassie Zingaro

Published: Jan 30, 2020

What advice should every zodiac sign follow?

Goals for Aries


Aries can never sit still. They are always driven by a bold goal, sometimes more than one at a time, and once that goal is achieved, it is immediately replaced with a new one. Living at such a tempo is no doubt interesting, but you need to take a break every once in a while.

The best advice for Aries would be: slow down and give some time to self-care. You need to maintain your wellbeing to make sure you will have enough strength for that next amazing adventure you’ve been planning. Listen to your body’s signals, be sparing, and it will never let you down.


Taurus is one of the most responsible individuals in the Zodiac. It’s not a problem for them to assume responsibility when there is no one else to rely on. Or is it? Excessive responsibility leads to stress, and stress is a burden, a dead weight that will make reaching heights, both material and emotional, so much more difficult.

Remember: you are too strong to give up! This too shall pass, and in the meantime, you need to make a conscious effort and find the strength that you always have inside. You are one tough Zodiac individual, and you can’t afford to forget about that!


Gemini is the Zodiac extraordinaire. Unfortunately, there are people who cannot stomach your oddities and quirks; they often get annoyed and may even criticize your ways. And we all know how stressful criticism can be, especially if it is connected to you as a personality.

There’s hardly anything you can do to please them, so you’d better remember: you need to stay true to yourself no matter what commentaries your behavior provokes. Haters gonna hate, but you remain the vibrant, joyful Zodiac individual you are. Your friends and family value you just the way you are: unique and awesome.</p>


Goals for Cancer

Cancer is the caretaker of the Zodiac. Loving, nurturing, and extremely attentive to other people’s needs and wishes, they often crave their favors to be returned but seldom tell anyone about their vulnerability and need to be loved.

Always remember: people care about you WAY MORE than you think. You ARE loved, but your so-called thick shell makes it hard to approach you or tend to your needs. Just take it off once and you’ll be amazed by how much time, love, and care people are ready to give you!


Leo is as warm and generous as the Sun itself. Many think you are invincible but there is a kind and vulnerable personality behind that seemingly ironclad façade. You tend to trust people because you believe in the inborn kindness and good nature of others. Unfortunately, it seldom is the case.

You need to remember: your intentions are good, but it doesn’t mean that everyone around you follows the same life principles. Value your trust more; do not rely on people who have not deserved it yet. You needn’t lose faith in humanity altogether, though. Just be pickier when it comes to whom you can trust.


Virgo is known for their honesty and discipline. The standards you judge others by are very high and the ones you apply to yourself are unimaginable. You are your own severe critic and demanding boss. It is not a bad thing to stay true to your standards and ideals unless it stresses you out.

Remember: you can’t expect more of yourself than you do of others. You are only human, so allow yourself a little chance to err, a little freedom to hesitate, and a little room to fumble for the right

decision. Be the perfectionist you enjoy to be but never forget to give yourself credit for the achievements you make.


Goals for Libra

Libra is the wisdom of the Zodiac. Your balanced personality and surprisingly on-point advice help people solve their problems, settle arguments, and reconcile with unconquerable difficulties. But you often tend to keep your wise thoughts to yourself, wondering: “Who on Earth needs advice from someone like me?” 

The answer is: everyone! Never forget that you were born with the power to make and help to make life-changing decisions. People eagerly listen to you because they know that a few words from you can help them solve dozens of problems. Just allow yourself to believe that your advice is worth a lot!


Scorpio is the most secretive of all Zodiac signs. You’ve surrounded yourself with a high impenetrable wall so that no one could establish an emotional connection with you. Your lack of trust is understandable, but aren’t you afraid to miss out on true human relationships?

Remember: being vulnerable does not make you any less tough. You need to make a conscious effort and drop your guard for a little while. You’ll be surprised at how understanding, supportive, and forgiving people can be when you let them see your true self.


You are a gentle soul, very vulnerable and sensitive. And the world around you is not at all felt-lined. There are lots of stressful situations, there are people who’d criticize for food – so much they appreciate sharing their disparaging opinions. And you will always have to live among them.

Remember a simple motto: shake it off. Do not let anyone get under your skin because there are hoards of those who’d do their best to discourage;a person who’s more successful than they are. Let them yap – after all, everyone is entitled to an opinion, and you already have your own, so why should you be bothered by theirs?


Goals for Capricorn

Capricorn is the most industrious of all Zodiac signs. It might seem that no one would dare to criticize a mucker and grinder like yourself, and still… Well, there’s always someone hateful in a crowd, and they are always ready to give vent to their bile.

Remember: people’s bitterness is their problem, not yours. Even if they channel their hatred in your direction, it has nothing to do with you personally. There always will be someone trying to diminish what you have patiently accomplished. But you have enough patience not to let them get under your skin either.


Aquarius is the thinker of the Zodiac. Your ruminations help you understand life in a more profound way. However, they can also result in drawing conclusions that are completely overthought, bordering on paranoia;and even contradicting the reality.

Remember: you need to think, not overthink. Your skepticism is good when it’s healthy, but it often is way over the top. Life is not that complicated; sometimes things are exactly what they appear to be. Use your judgment to find answers, but deal with your suspicion. After all, not everyone is even interested in you, much less in screwing you over.


Pisces are imaginative souls. Your creativity is impressive and can even be too creative for regular people to understand. But you need not allow that lack of understanding to lead you astray. You are an artist, and if you are not yet understood, it only means that your time is yet to come.

Remember: you need to pursue your dream, regardless of what all the critics and doubters might say about your creative work. You have unprecedented potential, and you can achieve literally every goal, so do not let them throw you off your creative balance. Amazing things lie ahead of you, so go, go, go!

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