Your Astro Digest for August 2023

Welcome to our August Horoscope Digest! Your cosmic guide to the wonders and mysteries that await you this month. Unveil the secrets of the stars and discover what August has in store for you.

Published: Jul 28, 2023

Greetings, zodiac explorers!

It’s a new month; that’s why Eugenia Stern, the editor-in-chief of EverydayHoroscopes, is here again. I’m thrilled to share our latest articles and the new arrivals with you, and sure, you’ll love them and find lots of important info that will help you find the way. Love and money, karma and future, Mercury Retrograde, and the New Moon – lots of things will influence you this month. Ready to see what’s coming? 

Let’s start with July and its hot predictions:

  • July horoscope. At the beginning of every month, you get your detailed monthly horoscope. Do the monthly predictions come true in your case? Please tell us here or here!
  • Worst Tarot mistakes. What do you keep doing wrong when trying Tarot spreads? Do you focus on the wrong things? Ask wrong questions? Focus on others instead of yourself? We’ve collected all tarot mistakes in one short and simple article – check now to make sure your predictions come true. 

  • Coping with a breakup. Have you recently experienced a painful breakup? Are you still trying to cope with its consequences? What to do if you don’t know what to do? Check our horoscope and see how your zodiac sign should behave to eliminate negative feelings and emotions.
  • Bad omens. Sometimes, things that are energetically neutral for some people can turn into signs of disaster for others. A black cat, a crack in the pavement, or open scissors – which of these simple things can turn into a symbol of the coming grief in your case? Click above to see!
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Now, we’re passing from July to August horoscopes. See what’s coming now!

  • August horoscope. Don’t forget to check your email at the beginning of the month to see your complete monthly horoscope! Benefits and problems of the month, unexpected yet pleasant events, people you should give your attention to – find all the info in your August prediction!
  • Tarot spreads that will attract love to your life. Do you feel it’s hard to find true love? Would you like to check if your partner is the one? Try one of the spreads by clicking above and find your way to love and happiness!

  • New Moon tips. In August, we’ll again enjoy the period of the New Moon. How will it affect your sign? Should you expect positive changes or put up with hardships? Is the New Moon a symbol of positive or negative energy? Check its influence on your sign now, and stay prepared for any consequences!
  • Mercury Retrograde. Why is everybody so afraid of Mercury Retrograde? Is it really as scary as it seems? Should your sign expect happy moments or tough ones? Get ready for all the consequences of Mercury Retrograde and learn when it hits by clicking above! 
  • The chakras of your body. What are the seven chakras of your body, and how do they work? Which parts of your body are these chakras responsible for? How to treat your body if you want to heal your internal organs? Click above and start your way to a healthier body and longer life! 

My dear astrology lovers, thank you for your interest in our topics! However, we want to give you more, and here’s what else you can find at EverydayHoroscopes:

Dear readers, if you still have any questions or need help, please reply to this email and tell us what’s bothering you. We’ll do our best to reply as soon as possible! Have an incredible August, and stay safe!

Always yours,

Eugenia Stern

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