Managing Disputes with Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces

Tips for handling conflicts with the last four zodiac signs!

Published: Feb 19, 2021

Conflict resolution is not an easy task and should be dealt with differently with those born under different signs. We’ve prepared some hints for those who want to learn to manage conflicts with Sagittarius, Capricorn, Aquarius, and Pisces. Ready to dive deeper into the mastery of handling conflicts? Read on now!

How to Manage Conflicts with Sagittarius?

Managing conflicts with Sagittarius

What is Sagittarius Like? 

Sags are born under one of the most freedom-loving zodiac signs and are eager to explore the world around them. Winning the heart of a Sagittarius is close to impossible as they’re interested in learning and gaining something new all the time and want to literally try everything. 

The energy of the sign is enormous and a partner of a Sag should make sure he or she can cope with it or tame it. It’s hard for them to adapt to a new relationship, and they need their significant other to be very open and allowing. It will only make the couple stronger and more long-lasting. 


Strengths and Weaknesses of Sagittarius

Sagittarius natives love new things and enjoy fresh opportunities. They’re full of vital energy and willingly share it with their close ones. Their weakest points are about the same things: they appreciate freedom too much and find it hard to devote themselves to one person even in the happiest relationship.

Handling Conflicts with Sagittarius

When in a conflict with Sagittarius, people have to learn to filter what they hear. Those born under the sign are usually rather hotheaded and can say something that will be very rude or unkind. Try to show Sags the story in the way you see and perceive it. Another piece of advice is to appeal mostly to their mind and not to their feelings and emotions. Sags can hardly be called very sensitive people, so they prefer to see things as they are. 


How to Manage Conflicts with Capricorn?

Managing conflicts with Capricorn

What is Capricorn Like? 

Capricorn is known as the most practical sign of the zodiac. In their everyday life, they value simple things, need financial stability to feel safe and secure, and crave balance in love as well as in other spheres of their life. Caps are naturally disciplined and patient. They’re restrained in their emotions and don’t have many friends. 

When somebody mentions Capricorn, the first things that come to our mind are their reliability, their loyalty, and the fact that they value material things more than other signs do. Caps belong to the Earth Signs, and knowing that is crucial for understanding their true nature. In most cases, Earth Signs easily find a common language with Water Signs and therefore have fewer (or none) conflicts. 

Strengths and Weaknesses of Capricorn

Capricorns are patient and ambitious; they can be always relied on. On the other hand, they’re rather greedy, frequently fall into depression, and are unscrupulous, when it comes to their wish to reach some goal. 


Handling Conflicts with Capricorn

Managing conflicts with a Cap is quite a challenge as you’ll need all your patience. Capricorns don’t give up easily, even when they realize they have been wrong. The first step for you is to admit you’ve added to this argument, too, and apologize for it. This will help Capricorn relax a bit and believe they have won at least partially if not completely. 

On the other hand, it’s essential to demonstrate that you love and appreciate your Capricorn partner. Show them that even if you’re quarreling, now you’re not going to attack them – you simply have different views. An argument can be a small thing for you but a very important one for them. 


How to Manage Conflicts with Aquarius?

Managing conflicts with Aquarius

What is Aquarius Like? 

Aquarius is one of the most visionary zodiac signs who prefers to stay free for as long as possible. It’s hard to be sure about the feelings of Aquarius because this Air Sign never opens to others too soon. Aquarius representatives enjoy challenges, that’s why they like to communicate with smart people who can discuss almost any subject. 


Strengths and Weaknesses of Aquarius

Aquarians are brainy, love to spend time with people, selfless, and easily make new friends. The least attractive sides of their personality include their wish to remain impersonal, being unnecessarily rebellious, and unwillingness to build strong emotional bonds even with their closest people. 

Handling Conflicts with Aquarius

Aquarius natives want to ensure clear communication, so when having a conflict with the people born under this sign you should be very careful. When an Aquarius rep notices that somethings goes wrong, they prefer to disappear no matter who is to blame for the situation. Aquarians like to neither start a fight nor participate in it, so the best option here is to show them that you want to stop the argument. Belonging to Air Signs, Aquarians can’t cope with emotions very well; handling a conflict with them, try to appeal to their mind, not their feelings. 


How to Manage Conflicts with Pisces?

Managing conflicts with Pisces

What is Pisces Like? 

Pisceans are very romantic and emotional. To stay happy in love, Pisces natives have to always feel butterflies in their stomachs. If they don’t, the affection is soon lost and forgotten. The Water Signs of the zodiac are the most romantic zodiac reps, although sometimes they don’t know how to show others what they feel. Pisces natives need their partners to be faithful. Otherwise, they will very soon feel the betrayal, which is enough for them to break up.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Pisces

The strongest sides of the sign include their being mystical, romantic, and sensitive. Their weaknesses are their divorcement from reality, their dependence, and a lack of boundaries. 


Handling Conflicts with Pisces

As Pisces is the most emotional zodiac sign, to manage a conflict with them, you have to apologize first and tell them that you want to stop the fight. They never forget about feelings or let a conflict be about facts only that’s why appealing to their emotions is always a good decision. Pisces people’s emotions are so strong that they may even feel guilty during a conflict when they’re not. You can use it, of course, but we still suggest you remain a loving person and address to the heart of your Pisces significant other to stop the fight as soon as possible. 

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