Managing Disputes with Leo, Virgo, Libra, and Scorpio

See how you can reconcile conflicts with the second four signs of the zodiac!

By Nataly Porter

Published: Feb 15, 2021

Although we can’t live without conflicts, many of them can still be avoided or at least peacefully dealt with. However, the methods of managing conflicts are different for all zodiac signs depending on their character, their intentions, the way they cope with their emotions, etc. Now, it's time to explore the next four signs – from Leo to Scorpio – and find out how disputes can be reconciled. 


How to Manage Conflicts with Leo?

How to manage conflicts with Leo?

What is Leo Like? 

Leo is one of the Fire Signs, which means those born under it are energetic people who value their freedom and want to experience more. These features make it very hard to turn Leo natives into faithful partners; however, it’s true only until they find their true love. On one hand, finding love is very difficult for Leo as they consider themselves and are considered the kings of the world. For such people, even the idea of sharing the throne with somebody else is something they hardly approve of. 

However, once this true love enters their life, wild beasts turn into gentle kittens. They adore their new significant others, shower them with gifts, and are neither afraid nor shy to tell the whole world about their passion. However, a Leo partner can never let them down as lions expect to get the same amount of love they give from their dear ones. 


Strengths and Weaknesses of Leo

Leos are active people who are obsessed with their loved ones and are very devoted in a relationship. On the other hand, they can be overly stubborn, need to know they’re loved by their partners and are eager to always stay in the center of everybody’s attention. 


Handling Conflicts with Leo

As Leo belongs to the fixed signs of the zodiac, we can characterize it as firm, stubborn, and dependable. To handle conflict with those born under the sign, you will have to understand them and be able to put yourself in their shoes. Leo natives want to be respected; if there is an argument between the two of you, try not to become too excited or scream. A good idea is to tell a Leo rep about some positive factors, for example, what they did right or what you like about them. 


How to Manage Conflicts with Virgo?

How to manage conflicts with Virgo?

What is Virgo Like? 

Belonging to the Earth Signs, Virgo is the most well-organized zodiac rep. They want things to be in order – however, there is chaos inside them that they will never want to show anyone. They may seem cold and reserved to others, and this is their way to protect themselves. They are afraid of possible disappointments and don’t want their closest people to hurt them. 

Virgo natives are seldom driven by emotions and always think three or more times before choosing the right companion. They plan almost the whole of their life and then follow the plan, steadily and with no deviations. 


Strengths and Weaknesses of Virgo

Virgo is good at organizing things and planning their life to make it less turbulent. On the other hand, there is chaos inside their heads they can’t find a way out of. Besides, they’re afraid of being offended by their loved ones. 


Handling Conflicts with Virgo

When it comes to Virgo, emotions stop working. They don’t respond to manipulations, drama, or tear-jerking arguments. To reconcile a conflict with a Virgo representative, you will have to remain as rational as possible as it will make them hide their armor and listen to you attentively. Never pretend a victim and make Virgo guys respect you; they don’t like to lose, but they will appreciate your strong will. 


How to Manage Conflicts with Libra?

How to manage conflicts with Libra?

What is Libra Like? 

Libra is the most peaceful sign of the zodiac, that’s why conflicts are something they genuinely hate. They respect the feelings of others more than their own ones and are ready to give up something they want to avoid a fight over the issue. Consequently, they never lack the love and appreciation of others. Belonging to Air Signs, Libra natives are light, free, and usually very relaxed. They try to avoid dramas or too strong emotions. 

Libra guys need more personal space and feel trapped if somebody is too attached to them. On the other hand, they don’t like to be underloved and need a partner to support them in their life adventures. Libra reps are naturally smart and other people are easily attracted by their wit. 


Strengths and Weaknesses of Libra

The strongest points about Libra people are that they’re smart, peaceful, and are ready to give up when it’s necessary. Their weakest points are their intolerance to drama and unwillingness to be trapped in a relationship.  


Handling Conflicts with Libra 

Libra people are fair and open, which means the best way of managing conflicts with them is to discuss the problem openly and from various perspectives. To bring the conflict to an end, you’ll have to reach a compromise. Prove to Libra guys that you care and encourage them to share their thoughts. When a Libra person sees that you’re not his or her enemy and ready to cooperate, they will find it much easier to share their feelings. 


How to Manage Conflicts with Scorpio?

How to manage conflicts with Scorpio?

What is Scorpio Like? 

Scorpio is known as the most mysterious and sexual zodiac sign. When choosing a partner, they need someone who will support and share this fire in them. When in a relationship, they willingly give their significant others all their body and soul. However, in many cases, it’s hard for them to find the right person who can understand their obsessive way of loving themselves. 


Strengths and Weaknesses of Scorpio

Scorpio guys are mysterious people who are very faithful when they manage to find the one. On the other hand, they’re rather possessive and jealous, which makes it hard for their significant others to feel free and safe in such a relationship. 


Handling Conflicts with Scorpio

The biggest problem about having a conflict with Scorpio reps is that they’re stubborn and always consider themselves right. It makes reconciling such arguments a pretty tough task. If an adult is needed to put an end to the quarrel, it’s you who will have to become such a person. 

In the end, long after the conflict is over, Scorpio can admit that they have been wrong. However, it’s hardly possible to imagine that a Scorpio person will say “I was wrong” during a fight or, at least, agree to a draw. Scorpios need some time to process the information, think over their words and actions, and, probably, admit that they have been wrong. 

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