Love & Passion Destiny

Motivation, Impulsiveness and Passion

Discover a great deal more about your Love & Passion Destiny with this 6 part personal interpretation that details:

  • Love, Comfort and Self-Expression
  • Motivation, Impulsiveness and Passion
  • Your Mysterious and Compassionate Qualities Revealed
  • Emerging or Overstating Trends
  • Stabilizing or Stimulating Trends
  • Month by Month Forecast

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The intensity of being together

The heart and purpose of your relationship, its soul and emotional nature. How you think and communicate as a couple, your relationship's appeal and accord, drive and sexuality. Your relationship's belief in itself is shown through commitment and staying power. Freedom and awakening displayed together as well as sensitivity and spirituality plus your ability to influence each other and develop together.

Please note

When you can include the birth times the Ascendant: Your relationship's image and identity will be included, so too the Houses sections for each of the planets. All the Planet's Sign and aspect information will be provided. When the birth times are not known a Noon time is used and the Ascendant and Houses information cannot be verified.