Zodiac Affirmations

Sometimes it seems that the whole world is against us and no one can help. However, we can help ourselves but only if we know the right words! Every zodiac sign wants and needs different things and our task is to help you find the right words that will boost your motivation immensely!

Published: Apr 27, 2021


March 21 - April 19

Aries people are full of constructive energy and can use it in almost any situation. The problem is that it’s very easy for the people of the sign to get distracted or to start to compete with others and forget about the original aim. It’s hard for you to see that it’s better to accept the help and advice of others than to fight against them.

Zodiac Affirmations for Aries

The best affirmation for Aries natives would sound like “When I direct the powerful energy I possess at something important and constructive it becomes much easier for me to reach the desired results.” Another idea is “If I work together with and not against people who surround me we can have fun together and become stronger.”


April 20 - May 20

Taureans want to be protected by material wealth as for many of them money is the provider of security. Consequently, you tend to behave in one and the same way all the time and often can’t express your abilities to a full extent. To avoid it you need to learn to value things other than money and be open to your close ones.

Your best affirmation will sound like “As I’m ready to share my skills and talents with the people around me I will always be rewarded in some way”. Another affirmation may sound like “When I learn to trust others and open my heart to good people I will receive the wealth and stability that I crave.”


May 21 - June 20

Gemini representatives always have many things to do and it sometimes becomes too hard for them to concentrate and stay calm and peaceful. You have so many thoughts in your head that it’s extremely difficult for you to listen to your inner voice and realize what you want and need. Your task is to learn to focus on things.

To achieve visible results, learn the following affirmation: “If I concentrate on one thing at a time and stay patient enough to finish things I’ve started before, I will feel calm and gain the energy I need.” It may also sound like “As I can find peace inside myself and don’t pay too much attention to the whirl of activity around me I will achieve much more.”


June 21 - July 22

You belong to sensitive people who’re easily hurt. It makes you look for a safe place in the world where you can feel totally secure. Such sensibility can may it too hard for you to communicate with new people and have new experiences. To learn to cope with it you need to try to be more open to the world around.

Zodiac Affirmations for Cancer

A good affirmation for Cancer may sound like “If I can find the desired protection and safety within myself I will find it much easier to be on good terms with the whole world.” One more affirmation may sound like this: “If I can let the past be the past and live in the present believing that all my wishes come true I will only benefit from it.”


July 23 - August 22

Leo reps remind of the Sun – when they’re happy they make everyone around them happy, too; but when they’re sad others will have to suffer a bit. If you manage to nourish your inner joy and feel happier more often than you do now, your close ones are sure to appreciate it. Even if you’re feeling not so secure as you wish to, try not to wear your heart upon your sleeve.

The best affirmations for Leo are the following: “If I point my joy and happiness at those around me I will enjoy my life more often.” One more good phrase for Lions is “If I give myself selflessly to others but still continue to respect and appreciate myself my life and lives of other people will become brighter.”


August 23 - September 22

Virgo is one of the most organized zodiac signs and it’s their strongest and weakest point. When you see that others are not so effective as you are you become upset or angry. Your main task is to learn how to be more tolerant of small imperfections and faults of those around you. It’s not so hard as you may think!

An affirmation for Virgo is “If I learn to accept and love myself and others as we are I will finally start to enjoy my life to the fullest.” One more idea may sound as “As I keep an eye on my ideals, I still see the joy in small things and enjoy every small step I make on my long way to my goals.”


September 23 - October 23

Libra reps are easy to rule and control as they want to please everyone. Others may control you making you fight in the situation when you’d rather behave in a more peaceful manner. All these factors make it hard for you to come to a well-considered decision making you feel that life is too unfair to you.

Zodiac Affirmations for Libra

Read the following affirmations and choose the one that suits you best: “When I see the beautiful and fair world around me I feel calm and self-confident.” Or “If I take the liberty to be responsible for my own decisions I will find the peace of mind I’ve been craving.” Which of the following affirmations would you pick?


October 24 - November 22

The darkest and the most passionate of all Zodiac signs, Scorpio is always among those who’re ready to throw themselves onto a pillbox. However, your weakest point is that you want to keep control of things and people around you, which brings you even closer to the darkest side of your nature.

Have a look at these powerful affirmations and use them not to let yourself fall into the abyss: “If I don’t try to manage and control others all the time it will only attract more good people into my life.” Or, “When I use my mind to help others and solve their problems, I become better and change my life for the better, too.”


November 23 - December 21

Sagittarians are the people who are eager to try and experience all things life can offer them. In the end, you start to walk on the wild side and frequently pass all bounds. Another problem with Sagittarius people is that you often try to persuade others to change their views and consider your own views the only right ones.

Think of one of the following affirmations for you: “If I manage to focus on smaller details and learn to make the right choices I will surely stay on the right track.” Alternatively, you can use this one: “If I can be more attentive to others and take their opinions into account, my life will become much brighter and happier.”


December 22 - January 19

Capricorns are those who love to reach new heights every day and every moment and always expect their efforts will be noted and rewarded. When it doesn’t happen they easily get discouraged and disappointed and hardly ever think about other people’s feelings. It’s time to change things for the better!

Zodiac Affirmations for Capricorn

Look at these confirmations and decide which of them is better for you: “If I can encourage myself and others in a kinder way everyone will become much happier.” Or, “If I thank others for what they’ve done for me and help them get closer to their wishes I gain wealth and respect of the people I love.”


January 20 - February 19

Aquarians are those who’re able to inspire others and help them push forward the limits. As Aquarius reps are sometimes perceived as erratic or even freaky, they become a bit detached from other people including even their loved ones. You’re to learn to cope with such situations becoming at least a bit closer to more “ordinary” people.

These affirmations will work best for you: “When my heart is open to others and to myself, both love and friendship are much easier to gain.” Alternatively, use this one: “When I try to pursue justice and freedom, I start to feel others need me and I need others.” What would your perfect affirmation be?


February 20 - March 20

Pisces representatives are sensitive and romantic people with high ideals, which makes it hard for them to live in our cruel and unfair world. Your wishes seem impossible to fulfill and your goals are impossible to achieve. That’s why you prefer to escape the real world and hide in the world you’ve created in your head.

Try to stick to these affirmations and your life will change for the better soon: “If my aims are real and practical, my wishes come true more often and bring me more happiness.” Or, “If I accept my real life as it is and enjoy every moment of it and it makes me feel protected.” These affirmations will make your life more cheerful and peaceful.

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