Career is an important aspect that can ensure a high quality of life. How will planetary movements influence your career and success in 2020? This section of your 2020 horoscope will cover most essential information about your career and business and professional life. Choose your sign and learn what can open up new career opportunities for you!

In the coming year, there’s a high chance of positive developments. Along with prosperity, your public image, prestige, and recognition are about to improve. You can expect raises in salary, promotions, and other career opportunities.

Thanks to your inborn talent for teamwork coordination, you are the one who can improve team play. This gift of yours will help you boost your career when an opportunity arises in late fall. Your networking skills will help you make new friends which will further enhance your opportunities. Since you enjoy dealing with groups of people, you will feel in your element.

The involvement of your 11th house of science and technology suggests that you might consider a career in this sphere or apply some technology achievements in your work. Some Aquarians may consider a career in astrology or the professional use of predictions to promote your career.

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