Will Leo Be As Fit As A Fiddle Or As Pale As A Ghost In 2020?

The year will begin with you being very active, both physically and mentally. This will be a trend until July or late June. During this period, your health will be at its best. The most important thing will be relieving your stress when it’s needed. Have a rest when you’re tired, express your emotions, ask your friends for support and comfort. 

You will not face major health issues in the second half of the year but you will be prone to flu and cold. Pay attention to your lungs and stomach. If you feel slightly unwell, it will be wiser to see a doctor.  A difficult period for your health will start from late September and last until the middle of October. Your throat, kidneys, and eyes will be the most vulnerable organs during this timespan. The problems with them will not be too serious but some viruses are likely to happen. 

Be attentive and quickly react to every symptom that is characteristic of an illness. Don’t ignore your health and you will not have to face any serious issues in the year ahead.