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Your Astro Digest for June

Explore all the coming June horoscopes and see which ones you've missed in May!
By Alice Anderson Jun 20, 2022

Hi guys!

Alice Anderson, the editor-in-chief of EverydayHoroscopes, is here with you again and not empty-handed! It's been a while since we last spoke, and I've been missing you so much! What did the stars promise you in May, and which of these predictions have come true? What do they keep promising you in June? Is the current month exceptional? Time to find out – and let's start with May:

  • In May, if you noticed that you find it harder than ever to perform your everyday duties and cope with challenges, it was not by chance. Mercury turned retrograde at the very beginning of the month and left this position on June 3 only. Is your sign lucky to avoid the hardships Mercury retrograde brings? Check here!
  • Some people are poor, some are rich, and some are super rich! What helps some of us become much more prosperous than the rest? Hard work, useful contacts and relationships, and... astrology! See here why some zodiac signs are luckier in money than others, and check your chances of being a millionaire

  • Some zodiac couples seem to be literally made in heaven, like Aries and Sagittarius, Virgo and Capricorn, or Taurus and Cancer. However, some relationships that aren't promised any future by the stars work well, too! Which of these "uncommon" couples could you belong to? Hurry up to check here!
  • Haven't you forgotten about our top Runic readings? Runes can tell you more than your astrology predictions or Tarot cards as it's an ancient way of seeing into the future. This time, you can check your reading for June – see whether your zodiac sign is luckier than others !  
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That's all for May! What's coming in June? 

  • As usual, at the beginning of every month, we send our readers their monthly readings. June is no exception! Don't forget to check your monthly June horoscope to see what to be ready for soon. 
  • In June, we've prepared another prediction for you and are happy to provide you with early access today. See which Tarot card stands for your sign in June and what it promises to you this month! 

  • Some couples are happy together for decades, while some break up after just a few months. How to avoid a fatal mistake while picking your ideal significant other? Check our compatibility horoscope today to see which sign suits you best! 
  • On June 28, we'll enjoy the period of the New Moon. What does it mean for your sign – losses and failures or gains and lucky days? Check here!

Meanwhile, you can check your daily, weekly, monthly, love, and Runic horoscopes! Let EverydayHoroscopes guide you during these restless days and bring you love, luck, and success!

Always yours,
Alice Anderson

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