Best and Worst Tarot Cards

For centuries, Tarot cards have served as a source of divine wisdom and insight. With their unique meaning, these mystical cards are capable of shedding light on all sorts of questions – from the mundane to those containing more spiritual significance. Do you know which of the cards require special attention?

Published: May 05, 2023

Although all the Tarot cards can be helpful and offer meaningful guidance, some of them are more welcome in a reading, while others may give us the shivers.

In this article, we will uncover the most auspicious as well as the dreaded cards in the deck!

Let’s begin with the most favorable cards of the Tarot deck!

The Sun

One of the most favorable cards to pull in a reading is the Sun. The symbolism of this card is pretty obvious. Being the source of energy, the Sun is the bringer of light and life itself. It is what we all need to live a full life free of tension and stress, to enjoy ourselves, and be cheerful. This card radiates positivity! If you get this card in a reading, rest assured that great things are about to happen to you. Be confident that the Sun will bring you strength, joy, and happiness.

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Ace of Cups

Drawing the Ace of Cups in a reading is a very positive sign. This card shows that all your aspirations and endeavors will meet with warm support from your loved ones. If you see this card in a reading, you may also expect to receive a gift or get new opportunities in your life. Rest assured! You are loved and cared for by people around you. The Ace of Cups foretells you support and emotional fulfillment.

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The Star

The Star Tarot card represents abundance and growth. It indicates our connection with the divine and shows us who we really are. Drawing the Star in a Tarot reading heralds a peaceful period of life when you can dedicate yourself to personal development. You can look to the future with hope and expect a positive journey. Inspiration and a sense of peace are guaranteed.

Wheel of Fortune 

Although the wheel represents the ceaseless cycle of life with all its ups and downs, the card speaks about luck and good fortune. When you draw the Wheel of Fortune in a reading, it means that you can expect positive changes in your life. Your life circumstances are about to improve! Depending on the question you ask, this card may predict a career boost, financial gain, or progress in your romantic relationship.

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The World

The World is regarded as one of the most positive Tarot cards. It has no negative or reverse meaning. This card represents accomplishments and completions. Drawing this card in a reading foretells achieving all your goals and soaring to success. You've reached the necessary level of determination to complete any task, whatever you put your mind to. The World Tarot card may also indicate traveling and new beginnings.

Now, let’s move on to the scariest Tarot cards!

Five of Pentacles

Drawing the Five of Pentacles in a reading is a bad omen indeed. This card indicates the beginning of a period in your life marked by hardship and insecurity. It may bring illness, loneliness, poverty, or financial loss. The Five of Pentacles serves as a reminder to sort out your finances and to be careful with your decisions. Don't fall for flattery and false promises! Try to get rid of possessiveness and greed. Developing your spiritual self may become a solution!

Ten of Swords

The Ten of Swords symbolizes finality, the end of something, or a tragic loss. It foretells unpleasant surprises and events: from conflicts and failures at work to a breakup or even a natural disaster. This card also reminds us that the event has already taken place or is inevitable, and there's no turning back and no hope for revival. On the bright side, this may give you some sense of release and closure.

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What can be more negative and scary than death? This Tarot card is one of the most dreaded cards in the Tarot deck. However, one should avoid misinterpretations here. The Death card doesn't mean the literal death of a person. It indicates the end of something like a work project or a relationship. The card reminds you about the importance of letting go of your past and welcoming changes. If you draw the Death card in a reading, don't resist the changes. Otherwise, you risk suffering more pain!

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3 of Swords

The wide scope of meanings the Three of Swords conveys includes isolation, rejections, breakup, betrayal, and grief. If you draw this card in a reading, you can expect the end of a significant relationship. The events foretold by this card are often unexpected and come as a heavy blow. So you should be prepared for the emotional pain! This card reminds you that once you've let go, you'll be able to move on to better times.

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The Devil

The Devil Tarot card symbolizes the world of forbidden things, everything that is prohibited or frowned upon by our culture and society. Seeing this card in a reading indicates that you may succumb to your dark side. Make sure that you stay away from addictions and destructive habits! Toxic people and relationships may also create problems in your life. If you draw this card, consider yourself warned! Analyze your life to move in the right direction!

The Tower

This Tarot card represents turmoil and destruction. A sudden disaster or a shocking event may lead you to despair. If you draw this card, you may expect a karmic payback. Seemingly out of nowhere, a sudden blow may topple your hopes and ambitions. It's too hard, if not impossible at all, to get prepared for such unexpected events. But you should remember that after the upheaval is over, you can have a fresh start.

Life can bring both positive and negative experiences. However, these cards serve to prepare you for what lies ahead— giving insight into potential joy or hardships that may come your way. With the right knowledge under your belt, any obstacle is conquerable! Stay informed with our fortune-telling application and find strength in whatever comes next!

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