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Tarot online: Peer into the first month of 2022

Published: Jan 03, 2022

Wondering what the first month of 2022 holds for you in terms of romance, career, and health? The Tarot can tell you what to expect. This month, a certain Tarot card steps forward – and it may look truly terrifying… 

January Tarot Reading: The Death Card


the death tarot card

If you’re new to the Tarot astrology, the card may seem scary. But it really isn’t. In fact, the card is more positive than, for example, the Hanged Man. 

According to the Tarot astrology, this card is, paradoxically enough, associated with the triumph of life after a phase ends. The card marks an important mental transformation, change, and life’s evolution. Seeing this card may mean that you’re about to solve an issue that has been bothering you for a long time. The Death means that you need to end a phase and abandon someone you think is your friend. You will change the way you live, love, and perceive. 

Tarot Reading Interpretation


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The card usually shows a skeleton dressed in black (or golden) armor, riding a white horse. His armor symbolizes invincibility. It means that death will come to everybody, no matter what they do. The color of the armor symbolizes mourning or mystery. The horse’s color is associated with purity and strength. The skeleton is holding a flag decorated with a flower – it speaks about purification, immortality, and change. If you combine the meanings, you will see that the card is saying that death is not only about ending – it’s about birth and rebirth, ending and beginning. And of course, one can find beauty in death. 

In some other Tarot decks, the card is represented by a skeleton who is reaping a field with his scythe. We can also see two heads that represent a child and a king. It means that death is inevitable and it doesn’t care who you are. That’s why it’s necessary to enjoy life – because it can end when one least expects it.

What Does This Tarot Reading Bode?


young girl with a butterfly on her shoulder

The card means that major changes are approaching. It can be terrifying but sometimes we must transform. Occasionally, the Death means that you need to break an old (and unhealthy) habit to make your life more satisfying. The essence and vibes of the card are urging you to learn to say goodbye to old habits and maybe old memories. You need to stop wasting your time thinking about the past. Move forward and don’t allow anything from your past to stop you. 

In the sphere of love, your relationship is predicted to be updated – and this update was due a long time ago. The card may symbolize a rebirth of passion and love. Those who are tired of their relationship are predicted to find a way to end it and meet someone who can fill the void. 

Rear view of a girl raising her hands to the sun.

Regarding your career, this is a very positive month for you. Getting that promotion you’ve been fighting so much for is highly possible. Keep working hard and you’ll get your reward soon. Those who are unemployed at the moment will be able to find the job of their dreams – or at least a job that pays well.

Speaking about your health, you will feel much better this month: more energetic and calmer. However, some minor health issues may appear, so be careful. 

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