Houses in Astrology

How Do They Affect Your Life?

Published: Jul 17, 2020

You often hear about Astrological Houses, but what do they mean, anyway? Some of us just skip obscure statements about Houses our horoscopes tend to make, but in fact, 12 Astrological Houses can make our predictions much easier to understand, because each of them represents something unique; they determine the different types of places and events that happen to us. Let’s find out what they mean and how they affect us! 

1st House

This House governs your physical appearance, image, and the first impression you make when you meet other people. 

The energy of this House also affects the way you start doing something completely new. The first sign of the Zodiac is Aries who is all about ego, ambitions, and achieving what they want. This is precisely what the first astrological house represents.

2nd House


This House is about money and material possessions. 

It’s associated with your finances and personal belongings. The second sign of the Zodiac is Taurus, whose key phrase is ‘I have’ – this is similar to the key phrase of the Second House. It’s also connected with your self-esteem.

3rd House

The Third House represents the thinking process and cognitive functioning. 

Its key phrase is similar to that of Gemini (the third Zodiac sign) – ‘I think.’ It’s all about the thought process, style of communicating, and talking to people.

4th House


This House is associated with home. 

Ruled by the Moon, this area is connected with sensitivity, roots, security, and emotional foundation.

5th House

This House is all about playfulness, creativity, love, and pleasure. 

It’s associated with your spontaneous self-expression. The meaning of the House is close to the essence of the Sun and Leo.

6th House

The Sixth House represents your everyday life. It’s all about routine, schedule, planning, and organization. 

The meaning of this House is close to the key phrase of Virgo (the sixth sign of the Zodiac) – ‘I analyze.’ This House also determines your way of solving problems and your level your mindfulness and ability to analyze details.

7th House


The Seventh House is all about all kinds of partnerships: marriage, business, soulmates, and the way you view these unions. 

It also determines your relationship with your enemies or just people you dislike. This House also governs all sorts of contracts and compromises. Libra is the seventh sign of the Zodiac, so its message is pretty close to the Seventh Astrological House: ‘I look for a balance.’

8th House

The Eighth House is usually associated with death and sexuality. 

It is also connected with rebirth, addiction, transformation, regeneration, and the way you view these concepts. The House is also linked with your relationship to the money that belongs to other people – the money you owe, or the money you’ll inherit. The House’s message is similar to that of Scorpio – it’s all about desire, darkness, and mystery.

9th House

This House is associated with learning, including spirituality and expansion of your belief systems. 

The ninth sign of the Zodiac is Sagittarius whose message is pretty close to the essence of this House: it’s all about adventures, seeing new things, and exploring. It revolves around travel, foreign cultures and languages.

10th House

The Tenth House is all about reputation, career, and your achievements in life. 

It’s associated with moving forward, making something of your life, fame, and success. It’s connected with the tenth Zodiac sign (Capricorn) whose essence is all about working and carving out a name for yourself.

11th House

Governed by Aquarius, this House is associated with achieving your personal goals, your wishes, hopes, and your inner purpose. 

It’s all about your teams, networks, tribes, community, and your relationship to them. Its essence is pretty close to the message of Aquarius – it’s connected with knowing, understanding, connecting, and achieving.

12th House


The last House is governed by Pisces – that’s why it’s connected with secrets, dreams, nightmares, everything that is hidden from others. 

It’s also associated with your karma. It’s all about believing, exploring your inner world, and knowing your hidden strengths and weaknesses.

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