/WOON-yo/ Old Norse: no direct equivalent Old English: Wynn – joy Gothic: Winja – joy

This rune is full of energy. WUNJO supplies you with strength and energy, but the effect of WUNJO is unique and entirely different from the powers of SOWILO or TIWAZ. WUNJO is much lighter; it does not press or require strength to implement its principle; it does not impose its will. WUNJO simply paints the world in various colors. Its impact is subtle, and it is often difficult to say when and why it started, but it is very clearly felt and cannot be confused with anything.

WUNJO is the rune of joy. It's all about being happy with your life. At the same time, WUNJO affects your perception of reality and not reality itself. However, the power of this impact should not be underestimated. The internal determines the external. A WUNJO state of mind may help establish good relationships, be more productive, and improve your well-being. However, all of the above may not lead to WUNJO's cloudless joy. This feeling is not merit-based – you get it for no reason at all.

WUNJO teaches you to give and take – but unlike GEBO, it is not focused on balance.

WUNJO's joy is selfless. This is the joy you feel when someone accepts your gift – this is not the hope of receiving something in return, but the pure joy of giving.

WUNJO is also present when you receive a gift and accept it, giving only gratitude in return. All these situations are very complex and unusual. The balanced GEBO situation is more understandable to us; we usually prefer to admire such acts of kindness from afar. We often feel awkward while giving someone a gift, and subconsciously expect them to return the favor.

That's why WUNJO can be considered the rune of love, or even the rune of passion. This powerful rune is all about giving as much as possible to your significant other. Then, the GEBO rune enters the scene with its exact balance that is felt subconsciously.

WUNJO is a light and clear rune. Don't ask the impossible from it. It won't make your life perfect, but it can give you the necessary impulse to fill your soul with light, warmth, and gratitude to the universe.


The rune in the direct position tells you that some joyful event is right around the corner. You should not count on this event to radically change your life, though – it will be 'local' and small. Just a little piece of joy!

WUNJO gives an affirmative answer to your question. It tells you that joy will soon enter your life.

Rejoice! The period of darkness in your life is over; a joyful event is about to happen. Your life is finally entering the bright streak you have been waiting for. It's time to look at the world differently. Remember, no effort is wasted. Everything good that comes from you comes back sooner or later. And now it is time for you to reap the fruits of your labors.

This is the rune of creativity, life opportunities, purification, inner freedom, renewal. The rune promises that everything that is worrying you at the moment will have a happy ending.

This rune is a fruitful branch. The period of torment is over, and you're finally coming to your senses. The necessary shift has happened. This is like alchemy: knowledge is transformed into understanding. Joy accompanies all those previously blocked energies.

Runic Advice

Bring joy to life. Do a good deed to yourself and to others. Use your intuition to understand what exactly you need to do.

If a person you know is behaving in the way described below, pay close attention to this part of the reading:

This person has reached a particular state of balance in himself/herself. He/she is busy with necessary but small things, refusing to analyze their problems.

Tip: The person is afraid of losing balance. Do not force them to leave their comfort zone, do not set any tasks that can be too difficult for them, do not rush things.


The situation you are thinking about is difficult. You may face some obstacles soon. Celebrating life is necessary, but it looks like your celebration has gone too far. A crisis is entering your life. The direct position of the rune marks the onset of a period of light. In contrast, the reversed rune says the opposite – the clouds are gathering on your horizon, and a thunderstorm may start at any moment. You must take a sober look at your loved ones, at what is happening to you, and at the whole world around you.

Expect procrastination and disappointment in your relationship. Your business requires caution and discretion, and sometimes you will need to rethink some critical decisions of yours. The reversed rune can also mean damage or evil eye. Perhaps the current situation will require self-sacrifice – you will need to give up your interests for another person's sake.

Runic Advice

Postpone any crucial decisions. Try not to give in to doubts, do not allow lies and insincerity to enter your relationships. Do not jump to conclusions, do not make global reevaluations of your own ideals. Try to understand that the temporary absence of light is an opportunity for you to learn to see in the dark. Now you have enough strength for it.

If a person you know is behaving in the way described below, pay close attention to this part of the reading:

This person has lost their balance. They want to return it, but now there is nothing that will help them do this.

Tip: Try to help them to find balance. Explain where to move and what to do. Suggest something new and exciting that goes beyond the boundaries of their current comfort zone.

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