/ING-ooz/ Old Norse: no direct translation Old English: Ing – Yngvi (the older name for the god Freyr) Gothic: Ing (Ingus, Iggws) – Yngvi

This is the rune of fertility.

INGUZ is the seed, the life, the beginning, and the end. The seed is both the end of the previous cycle of JERA and the beginning of the next one - it will be placed in the fertile soil where it will die to give life to the next circle of life. INGUZ works similarly. It symbolizes an event that completes a stage and begins the next one. Birth, wedding, hiring, graduation – all these events are INGUZ. The distinctive feature of an INGUZ event is a feeling of joy. This is the moment of getting the opportunity to move forward. Although difficulties and troubles are inevitable, they seem so small and easily surmountable that they cannot overshadow the joy you're feeling.

INGUZ tends to underestimate difficulties – and indeed, when you feel the vibes of this rune, you can do something that may seem impossible to accomplish. INGUZ is action.

Of course, as a symbol of fertility, INGUZ is also associated with the joy of sexual relationships. This is something like a fertility rite: when all the rules, usually unshakable, are removed, you become a part of nature. INGUZ is the unclouded joy of being.

The direct position of the rune is the same as the reversed position

Seeing the INGUZ rune indicates that it's time to flourish. Now, you can successfully complete every task, no matter how difficult it seems to be. The rune promises strength and inspiration.

Your old life is over; your new life is beginning. The wheel of Fortune is spinning. Inguz also often means that you're about to meet someone you may fall in love with.

INGUZ provides an easy solution to your problems. It promises some news and even guests from abroad.

The rune is all about completion. It means that you already have enough strength to complete your old life and start anew. If you need to finish something, you should focus on it. INGUZ is associated with getting rid of your past and releasing tension and insecurity.

Keywords: fertility, completion. The rune is positive. It is the symbol of the end of a particular stage of life. Focus all your efforts on completing what you are doing, what you need to complete.

The second aspect of this rune is getting rid of the old – it is necessary to make room for the new. If you feel tension and uncertainty, know that this will pass when you're finally ready for the new beginnings.

Runic Advice

This is a good period for you. Make sure to make the most of it. Focus all your efforts on completing what you are doing.

If a person you know is behaving in the way described below, pay close attention to this part of the reading:

Now, this person is passionate about what they're doing, they're active, open, and do not tolerate laziness. They're full of self-confidence.

Tip: Get involved in whatever they're doing. Their enthusiasm is contagious – being with them will fill you with energy. But don't work too much.

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