/RYE-though/ Old Norse: Reiр – road Old English: Rad – road Gothic: Raida – travel

This rune is associated with roads and movement. Unlike EHWAZ (which means travel as some kind of movement made to achieve a goal), the concept of this rune focuses not on its purpose but on the movement itself. That's why it's associated with any movement: that of molecules and atoms, blood through our vessels, planets around the Sun, and the Sun itself – all these things are RAIDO.

The rune is all about roads. If you set off on the road, and want your path to be smooth and successful, draw the rune. If you get this rune in your reading, it means that you're on the way. It's simple.


If you get the rune in the direct position in your reading, it means that you are on the road. Your journey will be successful. If you're asking a question, the answer is yes. However, your journey is long, and something may happen during it. But in this case, your journey has a happy ending.  

If you are analyzing your situation, you should know that you are already on your way to something. You have a path ahead of you: a business trip or just a journey with a specific purpose. Perhaps you are building some kind of relationship or working on some project. And no matter what you do, the rune tells you that you are not standing still but moving towards a particular goal. Remember that the path is open – be brave.

The rune indicates your spirit's journey or your inner development. It can also mean future changes. In a financial sense, this is the time to buy and sell and to get valuable information.

RAIDO is the rune of connection, harmonization of something with two sides, two elements; it's about the final reunification you achieve at the end of your journey. It is directed towards self-healing, self-change, and reunion.

Runic Advice

Trust the course of events and yourself. Do not interfere, do not waste your time on unnecessary reasoning and doubts – just keep walking.

If a person you know is behaving in the way described below, pay close attention to this part of the reading:

They are focused on rational analysis, think, and act according to the rules, avoiding deviations from traditions and instructions.


Try to understand them and their system of rules. Enter it. Otherwise, they will try to change or even break you.


Unexpected events await you; they may be pleasant or not. New promising possibilities may appear in your career, but you will have to work hard to use them. In your relationships with friends and relatives, misunderstandings are possible. A traumatizing breakup may happen – be careful when talking to loved ones. RAIDO is not deadly, it is about unpredictable results of development processes in your soul. These results are not 'hostile' or harmful for you, they're just different from what you expected.

Runic Advice

Think, observe, analyze, be attentive, be ready to make efforts – the world has changed, everything depends on your intelligence. If something good awaits you, you need to make an effort to achieve it. Try not to lose your balance.

If a person you know is behaving in the way described below, pay close attention to this part of the reading:

They are confused. They cannot think logically, they do not know how to solve their problems. They feel inferior; their thoughts are chaotic.


Do not expect decisions and actions from them. They can't be rational. Offer your own solution and start implementing it.

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