/EH-wawz/ Old Norse – unknown Old English: Eh – horse Gothic: Aíƕus – horse

EHWAZ has traditionally been associated with Sleipnir, the eight-legged horse Odin used to travel between worlds. This is the rune of traveling. And at the same time, it is not associated with the concept of moving, which is the case with RAIDO.

Astrologically speaking, EHWAZ is a journey across the ninth house (the house of ideals, higher education, and long-distance traveling). But this journey is unlike any other - it expands your consciousness. It helps you embrace the things that you previously thought to be incomprehensible. RAIDO stands for mere movement, but EHWAZ is the Journey, with an uppercase J. It also covers shaman transitions between worlds.

In fact, the origins of the magical steed require special attention. Sleipnir is the progeny of a god (Loki) and a giant horse (Svaðilfari). There is nothing of a woman in his blood - Sleipnir was born from a man in a female incarnation. It is a man who accepted the feminine principle to the fullest extent, meaning not only sexuality, which is not easy as it is, but the physiological aspect as well. And the fact that an anthropomorphic being gave birth to another species indicates a genetic change. Unlimited mind expansion and augmented cognition feel unprecedented and empowering. And Sleipnir is the visual proof of a shifting framework and busting stereotypes.

EHWAZ is also connected to Odin's two ravens, Huginn and Muninn. They sit on the god's shoulders and whisper in his ear about everything they see or hear. Odin sends them to fly over the world at dawn. They are back by breakfast with all the latest news.

It is believed that Odin needs two ravens because he wants to get unbiased information. The two ravens are opposites, the male and female principle, the right and left cerebral hemispheres, intuition and rational thinking. And this opposition guarantees that Odin has a clear, unbiased view of things.

Back to the concepts of mind expansion and attracting opposites rendered by EHWAZ, the rune unites the two poles into a single whole. They do not melt together but coexist in balance while keeping their distinctive features intact. 


EHWAZ foretells a journey that has an important goal - to broaden your mind. In other words, the journey will change you!

It's the unity of the male and female principles, a deep understanding, and respect for each other. Direct EHWAZ strengthens relationships - it helps you see the other person and recognize the difference in nature. 

You stand an excellent chance to experience something unknown, the opposite of whatever is familiar to you. EHWAZ can also get things moving. However, it does not clear the obstacle by force or workaround - EHWAZ adds another dimension to your reference frame. E.g., in the plane, it is impossible to get to the other half of the sheet without crossing the line that divides it in half. But it becomes easy as soon as you include altitude into your reference frame. You just raise the pencil from the paper, move it in the air above the sheet, and then put it down in the desired spot. Easy-peasy!

Mind expansion is not always voluntary. You just start to see. You can't do it on purpose - and you can't undo it either. You can only create the conditions that will help - or hinder - your progress. But as soon as you start to see, you can no longer not see. And EHWAZ cannot be consciously rejected.

Get ready to welcome a sudden change - it can only be beneficial for you. Your inner balance will be restored. Those sudden changes may seem unwanted and uncalled for, but they are, in fact, direct consequences of slow yet steady growth. You are currently enjoying the fruit of the work you did earlier, and this fruit fills you with hope for the future. EHWAZ always indicates a reliable and repeatable success.

Whatever question you might be asking, you are on the right way. You understand the laws and trends of the current events and successfully cope with the tasks you have. You are almost there.

EHWAZ has two primary meanings. On the one hand, it indicates the new in your life: meeting new people, adopting a new approach to life, people and work, moving to a new house, or just going somewhere. On the other, it stands for movement meaning slow yet steady changes in your life that eventually make it better. It can be your life situation or relationship, your creative ideas, or business processes.

EHWAZ is movement, transition, and processing. It foretells new places of dwelling, views, or lifestyle; it promises an improvement in any sphere. The rune is associated with stable progress, unhindered yet slow growth through non-stop shifts and changes both in your thoughts and actions. Relationships will also have to change to continue to exist and improve.

Runic Advice

Be the change. Slow and steady wins the race. Your lifestyle and relationship will have to change, and then, a significant improvement in your life will come.

If a person you know is behaving in the way described below, pay close attention to this part of the reading:

The person is at peace. They may also be looking for a matching, resonating partner. They are full of love, feeling, inspiration, consumed by an idea. They look at the world with a curious pair of eyes. 

Tip: Establish contact, become the "better half" that person is looking for. Remember, though, that this state of harmony cannot last forever. The infatuation will be over before you know it. Do not delude yourself.


Seeing EHWAZ in your reading indicates an obstacle, a roadblock on your way further on. But it's not your fault, and the way you chose to pursue your goal is the best one. Everything you are doing (or avoiding to do) now is correct and timely. You just need to understand that some opportunities are simply out of your reach now. At the same time, you can expect a journey or a vacation in the nearest future.

Runic Advice

EHWAZ advises that you should avoid risks, conflicts, and arguments of all sorts. Do your best to sit the situation out. The rune is not giving a negative answer to your question; it merely indicates an inevitable delay and tells you to just wait. Try to relax and unwind. Things are not happening the way you want them to, but this is not a reason to feel blue.

If a person you know is behaving in the way described below, pay close attention to this part of the reading:

The person may be ready for collaboration and togetherness, but old grudges, drama, or complexes are still weighing them down. They will move forward, but only if someone else gives them a push.

Tip: Try to gently yet firmly bring them out of their stupor. Get them to talk, help to return into the "here and now," show you are a friend and prove it by action.

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