/PEAR-throw/ Old Norse: – no direct equivalent Old English: Peorр – no exact translation Gothic: Painthra – something that is concealed

PERTHRO is also one of the intricate runes whose meaning is based on a chain of associations. And the starting point of this chain is its symbol, which was not chosen by chance. Runes are not just random combinations of lines, but concepts concealed in symbols. Typically, the PERTHRO symbol is considered to resemble a stylized image of a rune pouch, which is turned 90 degrees to the right. This rune is also often associated with females and especially a female reproductive organ, the womb.

Despite being seemingly unrelated, these two meanings have a lot in common. Both are entities containing something. In the former case, it contains 24 runes. In the other case, it contains a small creature of a particular species. And this absolute certainty goes together with sheer unpredictability of what comes out: smart or stupid, beauty or beast, WUNJO, HAGALAZ, NAUTHIZ, FEHU…

And this, PERTHRO symbolizes a vessel of mysteries. It is the symbol of choice that doesn't abide by any laws except the force of destiny. Unlike EIHWAZ, which signifies the unknown, something beyond human comprehension, another world, PERTHRO is the choice with an unknown outcome. After all, we know people in general and all 24 runes and that there are only them and nothing more. But we don't see what we come across in this individual case until we decide: conceive a child or pick a rune. 

PERTHRO is also associated with the feminine nature and female sexuality in particular. Hence, there is a connection with the subconscious, a mystery, something close and familiar but nonetheless concealed from view. No matter how closely one observes a rune pouch or a pregnant woman, there's no way to even approach an understanding of what's to come out. The outcome is unpredictable.


The situation you are in contains a mystery. If you pick this rune, the secret will be revealed. You might find a long-lost object or an old friend. PERTHRO symbolizes the beginning of changes. It is the time when the surroundings and your inner world transform. The rune signifies the overcoming of egoism when your unconscious mind urges its way to your conscious self, overruling obsessions. Your task is to seek genuine freedom. The rune shows that you have a highly developed intuition and strong psychic powers. PERTHRO can help you recover what is lost and signifies that new opportunities await you. If you have a question about your romantic relationships, this rune signifies the possibility of sexual compatibility. 

PERTHRO is related to the sky, the incognizable. It is associated with phoenix, a mystical bird that burns itself and rises from the ashes. The ways of this symbol are mysterious.

You can't achieve your goals with ease. This is a rune of search. It symbolizes the strenuous side of initiation and is associated with the deepest level of existence. It is the foundation of your destiny. It implies psychic death for some. If it is necessary, let go of everything without any exceptions. The renewal of your spirit is at stake. 

Runic advice

The time for change has come. Become an impartial explorer for a time. Hang tight! Let go of the past. Let your intuition guide you. By any means, don't be surprised by the amazing changes that you discover in yourself.

If a person you know is behaving in the way described below, pay close attention to this part of the reading:

A person is capable of broadening options. They are ready for self-realization but are still passive as they don't know how to do it. They are waiting for a surprise, a prize, an urge, or a force to follow.

Tip: You can become their surprise or a teacher or an employer. They have great potential, and their future outlook is quite realistic. Use it!


You are stuck up in the air. The past is in the past, but the present is not going to reveal itself. You may feel bewildered and feel like you've been left by the wayside. The rune signifies a possibility of hardships related to sexual and emotional incompatibility, and disappointment in close people. Don't try to bring back the past. You can't step into the same river twice. Bringing back the past will only slow down your development. Everyone is responsible for their actions. It's time to reconsider everything. What is the truth? What can harm you? What is life? But you still have no clue how to find the truth and what to do next. You have entered a period of stagnation. The past is dead, and the present is not born yet. Your friends are unfaithful. Close people betray you, even if unintentionally. 

The best advice for you now is not to expect too much and not to slip back to old ways. The past is at an end. You just can't continue acting as before without suffering. The reversed symbol advises not to overthink the outcome or cling to memories of past accomplishments. If you don't follow this advice, you'll steal your own present. The present is the only time for self-change.

Runic advice

Try living in the here-and-now. Don't' slip back to the familiar useless past. A new way of life will be born together with your new world. Calm yourself. You shouldn't rush the birth of a new world by force. What's more important is not to stand in the way. Your destiny is in your hands.

If a person you know is behaving in the way described below, pay close attention to this part of the reading:

A person's existence is concentrated on past problems. They use all present opportunities to solve them and to reveal previous mysteries. They are not ready for growth.

Tip: Be careful. You are in danger of becoming a victim of past wounds. They will look for hidden flaws in you. Try to bring them into the here-and-now.

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