/COW-nah/ Old Norse: Kaun – ulcer Old English: Cen – torch Gothic: Kusma – pine sap

Norse myth tells us about how the world began and how it will end. In the beginning, there were only two realms: Muspelheim, the glowing land of fire, and Niflheim, the land of eternal ice and cold. When the frozen waters of Niflheim were melted by the heat of Muspelheim, creation and life began. At the end of time, Surtr will come carrying his bright sword and burn the Earth.

According to Norse cosmology, fire is an essential part of creation and destruction, and this is not a mere coincidence. Old Scandinavians have mixed feelings about the fire. It's always been seen as a vital thing, which is only logical, considering the climate they had to survive in. But it's also a danger one has to always remember about. 

KAUNA is the incarnation of the primary fire of Muspelheim. This spark brought life to the land of ice and became the beginning of creation. The rune is associated with masculine strength, which cannot be revealed unless it merges with the conceiving, the feminine. And the feminine principle, in its turn, stays infertile unless it comes together with the masculine.

KAUNA stands for raw power that gives life; it is used to fuel any initiative with energy. The rune helps transform information into interpretation and understanding, which is an entirely different level. In general, KAUNA is a master starter for any project, and one of the classic runes in love magic. It is to ignite passion, to create a relationship, and fuel it further on… At the same time, KAUNA is not a firm foundation - it's the Muspelheim, unknown and blazing hot, energizing but completely unlivable. It's not even an embryo, it's a male cell that can become an embryo. 


Direct KAUNA is an impulse, a push, a short-termed discharge of energy. It also stands for expanding horizons, understanding, clearer vision, an entirely new level of knowledge and consciousness you can achieve. If this rune appears in your reading, it indicates that you can expect an insight, a sudden flash of realization very soon. Lightning-quick, it will pierce your brain, and you will shout out: "Oh, that's what this all was about!"

The best phrase to describe the meaning and essence of the rune is the following: a little spark will kindle a big flame.

KAUNA can help reveal your personality. You will achieve what you've been planning to achieve, congratulations! If you are pursuing a goal or working on your relationship, do not stop halfway! Your personality will manifest itself through the thing you are doing. KAUNA promises good fortune and, most likely, a conception.

Runic Advice

Sort yourself out; let your emotions run free and let the divine light enter your life. Let the world see your talents; start acting instead of waiting for the right time. Let yourself absorb the light of KAUNA, make an effort to understand its nature, and you will gain unexpected knowledge or even find the long lost common ground with people you love and care about. 

If a person you know is behaving in the way described below, pay close attention to this part of the reading:

Someone has a burning desire to show their worth and is looking for a sphere where they can do it: crafting, teaching, loving, procreating… They may even be in love with their own self and enjoying this state very much. 


Give in to them - this person's fire is burning bright enough to keep both of you nice and warm. But make sure you stay alert and do not miss the moment when the person starts trying to mold you are they see fit, thus destroying your individuality.


You may be feeling lost even though you know exactly where you are. You may have separated from your significant other, a friend, or lost your favorite job. Something may be tumbling down inside you, and the pain may be immense. But you need to believe: the thing you've lost has had its day. You won't need it any longer. You'll come to realize that a little later when the pain is no longer that sharp. The rune requires you to eagerly abandon your past and get ready to live with emptiness inside for a little while. 

It demands you to develop internal stability, and ability to withstand the old momentum while waiting for a new one that will take you - all in due time - to the light.

Runic Advice 

Abandon everything that casts a gloom over your life. Stop holding on to the past, stop regretting it. What's done is done, and you won't need it any longer.

If a person you know is behaving in the way described below, pay close attention to this part of the reading:

This person is running low on gas, emotionally drenched, about to realize what they should really focus on and what to wish for.


Do not try to cheer them up or stir up their feelings. Let them be or show them the right way to fulfill themselves, paying special attention to all the pros and contras.

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