/YEH-rah/ Old Norse: Aar – plenty Old English: Year –  year (obviously) Gothic: Jer – year, harvest

Harvest not only stands for gathering the fruit of a year's labor; it's also the time and actions needed to let crops give that fruit. 

The meaning of JERA resonates with that of FEHU. They both are associated with the most prominent wealth a person could have before money was invented. But if we dig deeper, we'll see that these runes are also very different, and not only because of the difference in the notions of "agriculture" and "cattle breeding."

Livestock is wealth. And it's not only that when it's live, breeding, and growing in numbers. It also gives fleece, milk, meat, and leather, it helps to do other work and can be sold, after all!

Agriculture only yields once a year - at harvest time. Some countries are lucky enough to get two or even three harvests of certain crops per year but not the Scandinavian ones. The rest of the year, you have to work really hard to get not even an abundant harvest - to get any produce at all! You can neither sell it nor benefit from it in any other way. You can only work - day after day, month after month - and patiently wait till the time comes. 

However, the result is usually worth the wait and all the work. It's also usually much more rewarding than the one that you get from FEHU. It's ten, twenty, even a hundred times bigger than what you planted in the fertile, fat soil several months ago. The reward is so big that it will help you live and enjoy life until next year's harvest time. 

The point of this prelude is the following: JERA needs time. It's all about time and the reward that awaits you, but only if you work hard and long enough despite all the difficulties and lack of understanding. The virtues of the rune are diligence, patience, and trust in the natural order of things.

If you see JERA in your reading, your positive efforts will soon be rewarded. JERA stands for your kindness and all the good things you did that will pay off in a big way. It's about justice and rightfulness of any kind. You reap as you sow. 

The direct position of the rune is the same as the reversed position

JERA plays in your favor if you need to complete an important assignment. You can draw it before you start. Carve into an amulet or any object that you will use while on the job. 

Moreover, JERA may help you overcome any unexpected obstacles that crop up in the middle of your process and threaten your results. 

It's worth noting that Jera doesn't work on its own. If you decide to use the rune, you need to remember that a personal effort and some energy will be required from you. 

The key meanings JERA brings are a favorable outcome and a plentiful harvest. Getting Jera in your runic reading is the sign of a successful resolution of your situation or the desired event in your life.

This rune is also business-oriented. Whatever you set your mind to and do will yield results. Jera is closely connected to the period of one year, i.e., from this May to next year's. Keep calm - you can't influence the change of seasons, you can only care so much.

JERA indicates a positive outcome, legal power, and financial inflow. You'll overcome all the losses and problems that you had to come across thanks to your perseverance and ability to work hard. You only need to stick to your plan, to go the whole way, and the result will come. JERA is the rune of a favorable output; it will help anything that you do as long as you put in enough effort.

You can expect the desired event to happen within a year (the harvest period). Wait for the fruit of whatever you started to appear soon. New acquaintances and legal issues are likely to arise.

JERA is a good rune. It has an impact on any activity that you may be involved in. Seeing JERA in your reading will give you the strength you need to keep a cheerful spirit. Remember that your reward will be plentiful, but it is not to be expected any time soon. Good things take time, and one year, the full agricultural cycle is just right. You have prepared the soil, planted the seeds, and now need to take care of them. Stay patient, and work really hard.

Runic Advice

You've done an excellent job, but you need just a bit more effort to get your reward. It's not time to relax just yet, or you'll risk losing it all. You need to carry it through, and you CAN do it!

If a person you know is behaving in the way described below, pay close attention to this part of the reading:

The person is in the process of development, trying to earn some money, or just doing their regular chores. Whatever they are doing is going to yield some great results. The person values each step they're taking and taking notes of every small achievement they make. They are ready to cooperate.

Tip: No haste, no demands. Help this person in their work, get involved in the process. It takes two to tango - the person will eagerly accept you and your help and generously share the result of your collective efforts with you.

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