/MAWN-awz/ Old Norse: Maрr – man, human Old English: Man – man, human Gothic: Manna (Mannaz) – man, human

This rune symbolizes a human. And, as you know, people are social animals.

MANNAZ stands for the man (human) in the social sense of this word. And that's why the rune is traditionally considered to be a rune of socialization. This rune appeals to the man as a part of society. Here people are viewed as cogs in a mechanism. The focus is shifted from human personality to social acceptability and the value of personality traits revealed in social life. Apart from that, some other no less (if not more) essential characteristics could be ignored. These are the traits that are not related to social image. It includes any personality traits that a person doesn't make public.

The shift also changes the value of personality. It's defined not only by what part of the mechanism it is but how successfully it interacts with the other parts of the machine.

This rune symbolizes the relationship between the man and society from the viewpoint of society at that.

Beyond that, MANNAZ symbolizes society in general, its expectations, and plans. It is the rune of public recognition, e.g., a career, and the man in society.


MANNAZ is the rune of humanity, independence, and a rational mind. It is the rune of your work and social relationships. 

The situation you are in requires modesty and humbleness.

Your own self is the starting point. Only clarity and desire to change can be productive.

The rune advises that you remain modest. You should be concentrated and moderate regardless of your achievements. Try approaching your everyday activities from a new angle. Be content with your work for its own sake. Avoid excesses.

The rune informs you that, at present, you are a part of society. Whether you want it or not, those around you perceive you as a cog in a big mechanism and can't see you in any different capacity. All your traits are viewed in terms of social values, and there's no other way.

Drawing this rune in a reading can also signify success in business and public recognition.

Runic advice

Strive for thorough analysis and transformation of yourself. The current period is advantageous for unhurried, thoughtful self-perfection. Without a doubt, you will be rewarded according to your merits.

If a person you know is behaving in the way described below, pay close attention to this part of the reading:

A person in your life has plenty of self-control and often manipulates others subtly while pursuing their goals. Quite often, they are useful to you as well.

Tip: Don't go magnifying their manners. Their smile and seductive voice are just a well-tuned instrument and have nothing to do with you. However, they usually treat others well.


The rune signifies that there's an obstacle in your way, but it's most likely not connected to external forces. You avoid solving your problems and subconsciously turn a blind eye on some events and facts. Make a pause and look into your inner world. It seems to you that someone is trying to stand in your way or harm you. 

Analyze the circumstances and sort out the situation. It may turn out that your external enemy, which you are trying so hard to outwit, is nothing more than your own reflection. First of all, you should spot your inner enemy to achieve victory. It may be your childhood fears or greed. If you think that you can rely on your past merits, you are most certainly mistaken.

The situation calls for modesty and humbleness. What you need right now is flexibility and the ability to step back. It's not the time for a change, but the time to desire changes and transform yourself. You should draw attention to yourself deliberately. You might fall victim to unfair treatment. Don't take it personally. There's no need to fight back. Just don't take aggression, discontent, or injustice to heart. You don't take offense when it's raining after all. It rains on everyone alike. Try to take cover. Workwise, a step back is required as well. Avoid excessive expenditures. If you are unwell, make a pause and take care of yourself. 

If you are up against an obstacle, the rune advises being honest with yourself. Don't think about other people, look inside in the search for enemies of your growth. You will see that your external enemy is nothing more than a reflection of what comes from inside. The challenge is to get rid of your past habits.

Runic advice

Be honest and impartial in a relationship with your inner self.

If a person you know is behaving in the way described below, pay close attention to this part of the reading:

A person in your life is at enmity with themselves. They should be in charge or take action, but they can't manage it. They project their hard feelings and accusations, and other people respond to that.

Tip: If you feel anger or hurt when you are near them, set your mind at rest, it doesn't originate in you. You are unwittingly reflecting their inner state. Keep in mind that they are wrapped up in their inner world.

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