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Rune Reading:
What is it, and how to do it?

Rune reading is one of the oldest, most accurate, and spiritually loaded methods of divination that has come from northern Europe. Since ancient times, people have been using runes to get a better understanding of their lives and the world they live in. Based on Norse myths, Celtic lore and religious practices, and Germanic mystic traditions, runes help to see into the future and get a clearer vision and interpretation of the events of the present.

Historically, runes were etched into stone, bone, or wood, hence their angular shapes. Modern runic divination is performed with a set of 24 stones, one per each rune of the Elder Futhark (the ancient runic alphabet). Each of the 24 runic symbols has a particular significance and magical interpretation. To read the runes, one needs to spread or cast them, examine the cast, and interpret the symbolism.

Modern runic divination kits are made of different materials - from historically accurate wood and bronze to luxurious jasper, amethyst, or even plastic and resin. But you don’t need an actual rune set to tell your fortune - online rune casts are just valid and accurate, plus much more convenient! After all, rune divination is not about physical objects; it’s the art of “reading” and interpreting the runes that matter.

Rune reading is a complicated procedure, full of intricacies and hidden specks of meaning. It’s not only the individual runes that matter; one needs to interpret them in tandem, while paying close attention to where and how they are positioned, to discover in-depth insight into the events of the present, the past, and the future.

What does each rune foretell? Tap to find out!

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