/FEH-hoo/ Old Norse: Fé – (mobile) wealth Old English: Feoh – livestock Gothic: Faihu – cattle, wealth (fee and fief are better-known cognates of the three words) 

In runic divination, FEHU is closely connected to cattle. However, you should not treat it as actual live animals. Historically, livestock has always been the most valuable asset. And it has not been sitting and gathering dust, like diamonds in a locked safe. Instead, it’s been continually growing in numbers and, consequently, increasing its owner’s wealth. It’s worth being noted that this is the kind of wealth that needs constant and close attention to stay healthy and continue to increase its worth.

From a more general point of view, FEHU stands for personal property in the broadest sense of the word. It includes a person’s body, memory, ideas, feelings, and emotions, i.e., anything that a person can get. But what a person can get, a person can lose, and FEHU stands precisely for that. Nothing a person can possess is eternal or unshakeable. Yet many people make the mistake of identifying themselves with their property, thinking that the things they have and enjoy really, truly belong to them. FEHU symbolizes anything that can be given to a person. And what can be given can be taken back. 

All in all, no rune can be identified with a person as an individual or their personal self. Runes stand for the guises, the thin casing a person hides inside. And FEHU symbolizes the thickest, palpable case of a person - their physical and primary emotional incarnation. 

FEHU doesn’t always yield immediate results. It needs time to reveal itself. Be prepared to wait: FEHU is not eager to quickly come to the surface. 

It’s the rune of possession, ownership—the rune of the material. Do not be condescending to it, do not think it weak because of its firm focus on solid things. Because this focus is actually its fundamental force, its task, and its purpose. 

You can use FEHU to achieve a tangible result, to turn your plans into palpable reality. In any case, FEHU tells you to stay as uncomplicated as most material things are. It draws your attention to the world of the material and promises to support you and help you succeed.


Something palpable is either entering your life or is already present in it. It may be a wish come true or a plan that turned into action, a new possession, or a personal relationship. If the question that bothers you is connected with love, remember that FEHU only stands for the lowest layers of human emotions. That means that FEHU can predict whether you will “have” that person physically. Still, the emotional aspect of your desired relationship is out of its power.

If you are trying to analyze a situation, remember: direct FEHU indicates the real value of the material things involved in your situation. It tells you not to give them up. No matter how difficult the situation seems, as long as there is even the tiniest chance of success, you need to stay strong. If you do, you’ll receive what you expected to receive when you entered the situation in question.

The material sphere of your life is flourishing. Your financial situation is stable. You treat the things you own with care and respect. You stand firmly on your own two feet, and your business or career is going strong. Your plans are not unattainable dreams or mere fantasies, and this is precisely why they will work out and bring home bacon. You are very likely to achieve something of high value anytime soon, and you are even more likely to keep everything you have.

Your friends are reliable, your loved ones are loyal to you. You are on friendly terms with everyone around. Everything is smooth and stable, if not as brilliant and remarkable as you’d wish it to be. You may be trying to keep or restore an old friendship. This is the rune of fulfillment, satisfied ambition, award, and happy reciprocated love. Enjoy your good fortune, and remember to generously share it with people around you.

Runic Advice

Focus on the material aspect of things. It’s not a good time to daydream or loosen your grip - try to multiply your current possessions or at least keep them intact. Reinforce your personal and business connections, try to find new partners, and build mutually beneficial relationships. Take an unbiased look of the situation - Dame Fortune is smiling upon you. 

If a person you know is behaving in the way described below, pay close attention to this part of the reading:

Someone in your life is satisfied with what they have here and now. What brings them satisfaction is an obvious thing, easily understandable, closely connected to their basic needs. It’s likely to be a material thing.

Tip: Stay on the lookout: this satisfaction is unstable and momentary. The person wants you to support them and not give you anything in return. Their behavior resembles that of a calf who is looking for its mother.


The rune warns you: roadblocks may lie ahead. You’ll have to deal with challenges in different spheres of your life. Your love life may lose its smoothness; you may even quarrel with your loved one. Your wishes will not be granted as quickly as you want them to. Fire can create things, but it can also devour them. Your situation is unstable and unclear. It looks like the fire inside you is getting dull, causing disappointment, driving you to lose control of emotions, and break down.

You may have to sit still and watch the things you’ve gathered with such ardor disappear one by one. If you find an occasional reason to have fun, do not give in to meaningless mirth. Reversed FEHU indicates an abundance of dubious situations that can pop up anywhere. 

Runic Advice

Do not spend your money. Avoid dubious situations and offers; be ready to face roadblocks. Do not try to solve any critical issues right now - put them on the back burner. Try to find a way out of the situation that bothers you, insulate yourself, or step away. It’s the best thing you can do at the moment. 

If a person you know is behaving in the way described below, pay close attention to this part of the reading:

Someone in your life is not satisfied with the things they have. They think and feel that they give everything but get nothing in return. They underestimate their abilities and do not see how they can benefit from the situation. 

Tip: Do not give in to this worldview. Spare your compassion and emotional and material help, or you can turn yourself into a lifelong donor.

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