/AWN-sooz/ Old Norse: Уs – god Old English: Уs – god Gothic: Ansus – message

Unlike THURISAZ, ANSUZ is easy to understand and articulate. Its essence is communication in all forms, including interaction with higher powers and our own subconscious. ANSUZ speaks to us in a language we understand. However, this language is only understandable if we want to hear and understand it. Wisdom will not knock on the window if you have closed the door. ANSUZ is a manifestation of the world's will to speak with you. It's not about giving you orders. Those who have ears must hear.

The ANSUZ rune is associated with Odin, the supreme god of Scandinavian mythology. Odin is the father of the Scandinavian gods and the wisest among them. But his wisdom is not just something inherent in him initially. In many ways, Odin acquires Knowledge as a result of his tireless, unquenchable striving for wisdom and willingness to make sacrifices. All of this seems utterly inexplicable to those who do not experience such a desire.

To comprehend the secrets hidden from the eyes of others, Odin sacrifices himself.

Knowledge is not given to the indifferent; only those truly thirsty for knowledge can receive it. The runes are a huge and scary secret, and even Odin, the supreme god, had to make a great sacrifice to get them.

It's important to understand that Odin made a sacrifice to himself. Does this not mean that the knowledge of the runes belonged to him from the very beginning, just like it belongs to us? And that the essence of the sacrifice was only in overcoming his own fear of Knowledge?

ANSUZ is all about understanding and knowledge, but you should remember that these are not products of internal comprehension but something given to us, even if given by some part of ourselves.

ANSUZ is the personification of information streams piercing the Universe. The rune is associated with the transfer of information and the relationships between students and teachers. It's also connected with any sources of information, including dreams and revelations.


ANSUZ in the direct position means that the world wants to talk to you. You will receive the advice you need. You will be helped. Be attentive to any words and signs. And remember: the information you receive is correct and necessary.

Direct ANSUZ is favorable for your life situation. Good luck will smile at you. If this has not happened yet, it will soon. You may receive a gift, get lucky, or be surprised by an old friend appearing in your life. Or you may even receive a sign from higher powers, a spiritual gift, wisdom.

The keynote here is receiving: messages, signs, gifts. A timely warning can be seen as a gift. Try to be very attentive and empathetic during meetings, visits, random encounters, especially with those who have more wisdom than you.

Runic Advice

Listen to yourself: maybe you have been living in anticipation of something beautiful that should come into your life. Trust your hunches. Be empathetic and wise, listen to your inner voice. If something unusual happens, be sure to pay attention. If someone wants to give you advice, listen carefully. Wait for a sign and try to understand it (a fragment of someone else's conversation, a phrase from a newspaper, a dream).

If a person you know is behaving in the way described below, pay close attention to this part of the reading:

The person you're thinking about is in a state of informational openness – either they speak themselves or are ready to listen to others and believe. They're curious and looking for a signpost. They want to communicate.

Tip: Pay close attention to what they say. It may contain lies, fantasies, and exaggerations. They may sincerely believe in what they say, but there is no guarantee that they will keep their word.


The reversed rune warns not to believe your ears – all you hear may be a provocation or a lie. Reversed ANSUZ indicates a lack of necessary information and a lack of clarity. Be ready for some tough life lessons – failures, disappointments. Sometimes reversed ANSUZ points at an elderly person who is the source of your problems. Erroneous advice, confusion, and misunderstandings are possible. Sometimes the rune warns that fate can punish you for the unjust use of magical knowledge.

You may be preoccupied with a destroyed connection, insufficient clarity or understanding, either in a past or current situation. A lot of things seem incomprehensible to you; your actions lead to nothing. Make sure to view your life philosophically. Transient processes are happening in your life – this is always painful. You may feel that nothing makes sense. But everything that is happening is in your life for a reason. If the well is clogged, it's time to clean it up.

Runic Advice

It is necessary to overcome discouragement and analyze the situation. Many of your actions are far from wise. And most importantly: be grateful to the universe for the difficulties it is sending your way – they allow you to understand something and become stronger. Be careful: you may receive some questionable advice from people who are too biased and only pretend to be your friends.

If a person you know is behaving in the way described below, pay close attention to this part of the reading:

The person you're thinking about is closed from information – they neither speak nor hear. They're worried about something internal, and they 'filter' everything that happens, viewing everything in either positive or negative light.

Tip: Don't push, don't rush, don't give them too much information. Try to understand the internal problems and take them into account in the communication process.

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