/SO-wee-lo/ Old Norse: Sol – Sun Old English: Sygil – Sun Gothic: Sauil – Sun

SOWILO is the Sun. It is the most energetically charged rune. The energy it draws is parallel only to that of HAGALAZ. But HAGALAZ possesses uncontrollable power, chaotic in its direction and effect. It is an explosion. And the energy of SOWILO is a powerful channeled flow. 

On the whole, SOWILO is an auspicious symbol, and there are many reasons for that. And, of course, the region where runes originate from is not the last of them.

Naturally, life is impossible without the Sun in any place of the Earth. But Scandinavians understood it better than their "southern" contemporaries. During long winters, they had to endure cold weather for many months and spare their food. This rune is a prime example of the Sun's power. After long winter months, it reappears, and its rays melt snow, which even thousands of fires couldn't cope with. And green sprouts of the future harvest start reaching out for the sky.

Besides energy and life-giving force, SOWILO symbolizes the Sun as the criterion of order. Think of that: the notion of time is based solely on SOWILO. Year and day are natural chronological tie-points on Earth. 

SOWILO doesn't establish order, but life is possible only when we comply with this energy flow. 

Move the Earth a little back or forth, change its tilt, and life as we know it cannot exist.

SOWILO is organizing energy.

The direct position of the rune is the same as the reversed position

Order is created by the mere presence of the Sun. Chaos is impossible in the presence of SOWILO. As long as there is the Sun, there's day and year, even if we can't see the Sun at the moment. Night exists just because it's day on the other half of the globe.

SOWILO is used as a power-fix. Drawing this rune in a reading signifies that all is right and running its course.

SOWILO reminds you that there's nothing impossible in this world. This spiritual energy guides all true explorers. It implies spiritual strength and magical powers. SOWILO foretells the climb to the heights of power, health, and success. This rune signifies that you see things and situations in their true colors. It means that you possess powerful energy and are capable of any changes in your life. 

This sign symbolizes integrity, which our nature requires. It embodies the craving for personal fulfillment and shows the path you should take, not out of some hidden reasons, but because you need it. The search for integrity is the task for a Spiritual Warrior. By nature, you are already what you are trying to become. You must understand your true essence, your personal myth and put it into shape. Find a creative way to express it. Thanks to its high power, this symbol makes life force available to you and gives your time to recharge and rebuild down to the cellular level. At the same time, this rune advises to open up and let light into your life sphere that's been a mystery until now.

Runic advice

Dream boldly, and your dreams will come true.

If a person you know is behaving in the way described below, pay close attention to this part of the reading:

A person in your life is self-sufficing, competent, at their own place, and in their own right. They are pleased with themselves and their life. They see their growth prospects. They are in the position of authority: a leader or a teacher.

Tip: Turn to them and learn from them. Feed off their energy and confidence. If they treat you as their team member, they will support and help you.

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