/BEAR-kahn/ Old Norse: Biarkan – birch Old English: Beorc – birch Gothic: Bairkan – birch

BERKAN is one of the classic female runes. Traditionally, BERKAN symbolizes growth and development; very often, BERKAN is associated with motherhood.

In general, BERKAN undoubtedly has some of the features traditionally attributed to the image of a mother: caring, soft, delicate. BERKAN is feminine but not in a sexual way. It is a young girl or a mother (as her child sees her), not a sexual partner.

In general, BERKAN is a very delicate rune – it's easy to use it and communicate with it. For the rune, it's more important to support others than to manifest itself.

BERKAN is also the rune of creativity. BERKAN's delicacy and genuine attentiveness to others allow it to notice the slightest manifestations of the creative impulse. The rune is like a poet's wife who creates the perfect conditions for her husband to write beautiful poems.

BERKAN also symbolizes growth and protection, but its protection is not the powerful defense of Thor or the impersonal protection of ALGIZ. The rune's essence is soft but attentive and shrewd; it will do everything possible to solve a problem.


The direct position of the rune indicates the birth of a child or a wedding. Seeing this rune means that your life is entering a growth period or a favorable period of learning and personal development. You will feel good, both physically and emotionally. The rune indicates that you are under the protection of higher powers; your life is now peaceful and harmonious. This rune also favors new ideas and creative projects.

BERKAN promotes growth both symbolically and literally: the growth of your relationships (with other people and with yourself), the growth of your experience, knowledge, and so on.

BERKAN’s keywords are Growth, Security, Harmony.

The rune indicates the presence of supportive forces. It feels like you're relaxing on a beautiful beach, the weather is nice, the sea is stunning and calm. Peace and quiet!

Runic Advice

Whatever you do, do it well or don't do it at all. Growth requires a deep understanding of what is happening. It takes persistence and patience; old habits will not disappear overnight. Split a big goal into many small, but doable parts, start with easy tasks, gradually moving on to more difficult ones.

If a person you know is behaving in the way described below, pay close attention to this part of the reading:

This person is focused on his or her plans. They are full of ideas. They will force everyone around them to help them make their dreams come true. You need to decide if you want to be a part of their team or not.

Tip: If you're a member of their team, do your best to support them.


Something is hindering your luck. It can be some external forces that do not depend on you or your own behavior. Seeing this rune in your reading means difficulties, a violation of emotional peace, anxiety, unstable relationships, troubles in your relationships with loved ones, or a failure in the business sphere.

Something hinders the growth of a new life. You may feel discouraged by not being able to take the right action. But what is required here is not despondency, but diligence and thoroughness. Analyze what has just happened, your role in it, your needs, and the requirements of others. Are you putting your desires before the needs of others? Dig deeper until you can identify all the obstacles.

Runic Advice

Try to understand why you failed, do not succumb to despondency, and analyze the situation and yourself. Be calm, keep your mouth shut when it's possible, and everything will return to normal.

If a person you know is behaving in the way described below, pay close attention to this part of the reading:

This person is doing their best to get rid of the past. He or she throws out old connections, things, plans. They are ready to enter their new life, but the old one is pulling them back.

Tip: Help them let go of the past. If they are trying to get rid of you, try to move into the 'future' category, changing your attitude towards this person.

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