/HAWG-ah-lahz/ Old Norse: Hagl – hail Old English: Hagl – hail Gothic: Hagl – hail

This is the rune of destruction. It is associated with the natural forces of destruction and with the energies of the elements. The spikes of energy during mass disasters (floods, earthquakes, volcanic eruptions) are similar to the power of this rune. The primary magical use of this rune is to help get out of the "vicious circle." The simplest example: the feeling of self-pity that is familiar to almost everyone.

Often we spend hours and days thinking about our own troubles without actually doing anything about them. 'Doing nothing' is energetically stable and therefore, can be pathological. You must realize you've fallen into such a "vicious cycle" and are being held captive by endless internal reflections of your own negative energy. If you cannot escape on your own, draw the rune – it will produce the necessary "explosion" and break the cycle. By the way: if you see that another person is in a similar position, draw the rune for them – it will help them understand the situation and get out of it.

The rune is about breaking. You want to free yourself from everything that limits you and feel your own world of freedom. Relationships and plans are destroyed. You need to understand and feel that something spontaneous has entered your life. Expect anything: trouble, failed plans, etc. Some events are beyond your control, and the force driving them is quite powerful. However, the rune speaks not only about destruction but also of change. Sacrifice some of the familiar values – you will no longer need them.

The direct position of the rune is the same as the reversed position 

There is something ahead of you that is beyond your control. Perhaps the consequences will be beneficial for you, but in any case, they are unpredictable. The only thing we can say for sure is that the current situation is in a state of impending crisis.

HAGALAZ is used when you need to break a vicious circle. 

HAGALAZ is an integral part of the cycle – it resolves a specific situation. It makes it possible to build a new one that meets the realities of the current moment. HAGALAZ is the destruction of everything. This is not evolution – it's a revolution that doesn't only break what needs to be broken. It destroys everything in its path. Although it is beneficial, HAGALAZ is not helpful.

Hagalaz is a symbol of danger; it's all about not being able to control the elements, while simultaneously being the symbol of these elements. This rune represents the natural destructive forces of the universe. In general, it is a symbol of contradictions and losses. You should remember that the inner essence of this rune is purification. No matter how devastated you are because of what has happened, the old must be destroyed to make way for the new. Maybe it is high time you moved to a new place or even created a new family with someone you love.

The situation is out of your control and is driven by a mighty force. Change, innovation, freedom, and liberation are the qualities of this rune. Expect your plans to fail.

Runic Advice

Every cloud has a silver lining; catch your moment of luck in the impending chaos, act.

If a person you know is behaving in the way described below, pay close attention to this part of the reading:

This person's thoughts and actions are chaotic. He or she is a destructive, unpredictable force. 


If you see that this person may harm you, avoid them at all costs.

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