/AWE-thah-lah/ Old Norse: undetermined Old English: Ēðel – estate Gothic: Utal – ancestral land

The ancestral component of the rune's meaning draws our attention to the concept of division. A group is divided because one of its members has passed away. Something that has remained after the deceased person needs to be divided between several members of the group.

So, the nuclear concept rendered by OTHALA is the concept of the group. One can belong to a group by right of birth or for any other reason;  one also has certain rights within the group. Moreover, the emphasis is placed on the dubiousness of the rune. For every "yes," there is a "no," and sometimes even more than one. The joy of inheriting, i.e., getting material goods, is spoiled by the grief of losing a part of one's life. The group members are perceived as something very personal, an irreplaceable part of a single organism. This is a contrast to the essence of MANNAZ. The situation characterized by OTHALA is often marred by a discord in the clan, as the whole structure of the group is changing, starting from the level the deceased member belonged to. Dividing the material part of the inheritance is only a pale shadow of the intensive redistribution of roles and forces that is going on in the subtle plane. 

The key features of OTHALA are ownership and belonging. But, unlike FEHU, belonging here is two-way. Of course, FEHU also stands for the same, but you are seldom aware that your couch imposes certain obligations on you. Meanwhile, you clearly realize the obligations imposed on you by your family members. We accept that we owe something to the members of our clan, as well as that they owe certain things to you. OTHALA describes the feelings that imply that "You are my (wife, husband, daughter, son, mother, etc.) and thus you have to…"

At the same time, OTHALA gives a sense of confidence (the flock does not abandon its sheep, no matter how weak they are), a sense of irreplaceability and purpose.

OTHALA stands for even more. It is linked to the concept of kindred and ancestry. It can sometimes foretell death, too, because inheritance always comes after someone dies - however, OTHALA does not necessarily stand for physical death.


OTHALA is about the sense of belonging to a group of people (usually, a family). It proclaims the reign of duty and implicit responsibilities. You can't refuse to obey. Otherwise, it will mean that you are no longer part of the big clan. One way or another, OTHALA equals family, and you should know better in which way to interpret this meaning. 

A friendly piece of advice: pay special attention to your family. Seek strength and support from them.

The old skin needs to be cast off, the spent relationships need to be ended. Do not make any sudden movements, though. Whatever has to go will go of its own accord, problems included. You may purchase or win something or even come into an inheritance. In any case, you are on your home field, and any game you play will be played by your rules.

The rune is associated with possession. It foretells an acquisition, a big win. However, sometimes this win may be coming from something that you will have to give up. 

Runic advice

Get ready to acquire something new.

If a person you know is behaving in the way described below, pay close attention to this part of the reading:

The person is reliable, self-sufficient, resilient, unwavering, and just a little withdrawn. They know what they need and do not waste their energy on superfluous things. There is an air of an owner's responsibility about them.  

Tip: You need to decide whether you want this person to own the situation and you inside it. If you don't, you need to avoid close contact. If you do, come as close as you can, but do not overemphasize your ego. 


What's had its day is leaving. A loss, financial or other, is possible. Do not hold on to the past, stay flexible, listen to yourself, and feel free to break the rules.

Also, be especially careful when handling electrical appliances.

It's not the right time to adhere to certain conventions and authorities. Ask yourself: "What feels right to me?" and act accordingly. At this time, relentlessness should be replaced with fluidity. When you see reversed OTHALA in your reading, remember: it's about doing without really wanting to do so, yet it's also about accomplishing whatever you start.

Runic Advice

You are on hostile turf. Act in the way YOU consider right. If you experience a loss, do not feel down: you win some, you lose some. It's life. 

If a person you know is behaving in the way described below, pay close attention to this part of the reading:

The person may be thorough, determined, and self-sufficient. Still, they have lost their footing and are currently somewhat out of context. They are perplexed, and yet, they have plenty of self-control.

Tip: It's a weird time for this person. Help them find their footing, and they will owe you a big one. But if you start to derail their stability even further, be prepared to get under a landslide.

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