/LAH-gooz/ Old Norse: Legr – water, lake Old English: Lagy – water, lake Gothic: Lagus – water

LAGUZ is another female rune that stands for water. Like BERKAN, it has nothing to do with the notion of fertility (it seems femininity in Ancient Scandinavia was not directly connected to the number of children women had).   

Unlike BERKAN, whose task is to adapt to others and take care of what seems essential, LAGUZ is a symbol of a free, independent, and self-confident woman. She believes herself to be equal to a man and considers herself a value as she is, not as her husband's assistant or her kids' mother. In other words, BERKAN is like Eve, while LAGUZ is like Lilith.

An important fact is that in the runic system, the meaning of water is different from its meaning in classic European occultism. It's not a mysterious depth related to the unconscious and intuition; here, it's more like a flow of life. It's a lucky chance, a force that carries and supports you. If you're in harmony with this force, reaching your aims becomes a much less challenging task. Think of traveling by river versus land travel, and you'll realize that the former is so much easier than the latter! You don't have to carry heavy things and can move without any effort.

Another meaning of LAGUZ – intuition – is also connected to water as a flow. Water can penetrate any small crack and uses any chance to move forward; just like it, intuition helps you reach your goals. It's a piece of practical knowledge, not academic wisdom.

Despite being a very powerful rune, LAGUZ is void of aggression. River flow can be dangerous and powerful, but only when the circumstances favor it. When a river corridor changes, the character of the flow changes, too. The primary lesson LAGUZ teaches you is that you can adapt to the circumstances without changing your inner self.

Water is a part of everything on Earth. You need it to live, and you're a part of the circulation of water, whether you want it or not. There is no use trying to leave this circle even when we no longer belong to this world.


LAGUZ is a beautiful and strong rune. It tells you to trust the flow of life and your feelings. Let things be as they are. You are already a part of this vast and powerful flow of life, and this is something to be grateful for. 

LAGUZ often means that you're led and protected by high energies. For singers and artists, this rune denotes a significant creative resource. The energies of intuition and imagination absorb you like ocean waves. If your ship – your mind – is stable and easily navigated, you will enjoy the period of love, keen intuition, and renewal. No matter what situation you're now, trust yourself as this is the only way out. Set yourself up for the signal your inner voice is sending to you, and your ship will find its way in the ocean of troubles.

Runic advice

Imagine that a river is carrying you; trust the flow, and feel how safe and relaxed you are. Now, forget about long-lasting plans and duties. Don't doubt your skills and talents; arm yourself with patience, and your hesitations will soon disappear.

If a person you know is behaving in the way described below, pay close attention to this part of the reading:

This person is like a river. They are flexible, with strong intuition, and absorbed in an important business of theirs. Such people don't think about the present moment; they look at life as a flow of events.

Tip: Don't initiate conflicts with this person or try to make them change the way in life. Such people will, instead, flow into you and will lead you forward. You will live the life of this person. Why not? Sometimes, this is what you need.


Failure is possible in the situation you're thinking of now. Some of your expectations will prove unrealistic. If you have a plan or an idea in mind, they will hardly become a reality soon. Some general bad consequences are possible, too, like drug addiction or adultery. Your intuition has let you down and encouraged you to practice activities you're not skilled at.

You may have put all your effort into achieving something that can't be achieved now. Something is vital to you now, and you're doing your best to get it but repeatedly fail. Nobody can do more than they can do. Remember that your resources can be abundant but not unlimited. While you are trying to reach one thing, you are losing some parts of your personality, dreams, and energy. Is it something you want?

Runic advice

It seems you're drowning in a puddle. You're very close to the edge – try to cope with yourself and be less nervous.

If a person you know is behaving in the way described below, pay close attention to this part of the reading:

The person has lost the way in the flow of life. This person is either out of it entirely or is still in it but doesn't know what to do. He or she thinks over some decisions but refuses to act, waiting. What's worse, this waiting doesn't let you do anything as well.

Tip: If you want to live freely and move quickly, don't count on this person. This man or woman considers opportunities but prefers to do nothing now.

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