/TEE-waz/ Old Norse: Týr (god) Old English: Tir (unknown, but some interpretations include the north star) Gothic: Tyz – the god Týr TIWAZ is the rune of the Spirit Warrior. 

To understand the essence of TIWAZ, you need to know that the Great Warrior once put his hand into the mouth of a hideous wolf. The Warrior sacrifices his hand and does it willingly. He does not go along with the wolf’s demand. The Great Warrior consciously and voluntarily gives up his hand for a greater cause. He wants to defeat chaos. And this is what TIWAZ is all about. 

The rune requires you to call up all your strength and get ready to sacrifice. When it comes up in your runic reading, you can’t expect to profit or get any tangible reward. TIWAZ says: everything has its price, and I will pay it. Unlike THURISAZ, it does not sacrifice others; if something has to be given up, it will give up something of its own.

TIWAZ is associated with a very clear image of the Spirit Warrior, valiant, true to his principles until the end, even if it will hurt him. It is all about honesty and faith, which have way more value than anything physical.

In ancient times, warriors drew TIWAZ on their shields before a battle. In this way, they not only asked the Great Warrior for help. They drew it as a reminder: in the heat of the fight, a true warrior forgets about the values of the physical world, he or she is not fighting for them…

Moreover, TIWAZ helps to restore justice in litigation. 

TIWAZ is the symbol of true grit.


TIWAZ is the most important masculine rune, the rune of victory, of justice brought on the edge of a sword. Everything that is happening to you at the moment is crucial. TIWAZ indicates an active period in your life. There may be battles, fights, adventures of any sort, emotional stress, vital events. The rune sets the task of shaping your character and reinforcing your moral courage. For women, TIWAZ forecasts a new man (a lover). It foretells a gamble, a risk, a bigger power, an unprecedented self-confidence, a passionate affair. TIWAZ tells you to look into your own heart and mind, to ponder over the foundation of your own existence. It advises you to think about the recent partnerships or friendship - they may offer great opportunities for effective collaboration.

If you see TIWAZ in your reading, it means that your character is in formation. If you are asking a question about a romantic relationship, TIWAZ says that it is timely and providential. If your question is about business matters, new ideas, or your behavior, the rune of the Warrior advises that you should be persistent. However, you need to remember that sometimes, the only kind of persistence that is necessary is patience. 

Runic Advice

Be firm; let your goal drive you. Dame Fortune is on your side. In some cases, you can even charge the problem. Some fortresses can only be gained by assault, others by siege. Now is the time for a head-on attack. Remember, though, that patience is another form of persistence.

If a person you know is behaving in the way described below, pay close attention to this part of the reading:

The person is fighting against the circumstances, they are on a sacred quest, in a state of operational intensity. They are looking for trouble that will help them overcome their fear or shyness, They are sacrificing a lot. They may even sacrifice you if you are not pursuing the same goal and are not treating life in the same way, i.e., like a battlefield. 

Tip: Be respectful. Recognize their ambition. Do not fight against them but show what they need to beat. 


The higher forces do not approve of your choices and ways. Getting reversed TIWAZ in your reading indicates a future decline in strength and a possible failure. Around you, ideas and creative plans are scarce. Friends and loved ones turn out to be unfaithful, communication, in general, is hindered. The eclipse of your power was caused by the wrong decisions and bad timing. It’s high time you took a closer look at your current way of living and decided whether it’s the right one. Do your best to discover yourself anew. 

The danger lies in hasty or untimely actions that cause leaks of energy. If a connection is recent, do not feel sad - it’s time is over. Think about faith and trust, as well as about how you live your life - is it good enough? Reversed TIWAZ requires you to reconsider your motives. Are you conquering yourself or trying to bring someone else under control? No advice from the outside will be useful here; you’ll only find the answers inside yourself. 

Runic Advice

Despair won’t help, so try to keep busy instead. It’s not a dark time in your life; you can devote it to dealing with your personal issues and looking for answers inside you. Do not waste your energy tilting at windmills, fighting battles against adverse circumstances and repulsive people. 

If a person you know is behaving in the way described below, pay close attention to this part of the reading:

The person is wasting their energy on fighting with themselves and imaginary issues or is simply lazy and trying to save their strength at the expense of others.

Tip: Do not support their fighting or laziness. Leave them be or softly, sneakily help them to get back on track.

If you have the nerve, you have it. You can’t lose it all of a sudden. It’s a diagnosis. 

You need to hold true to the thing you are asking about. Stay firm, do not let fate take the wind out of your sails. 

TIWAZ tells you: whatever is going on, whatever you are asking about, you will do alright.

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