/NOW-these/ Old Norse: Nauр – need Old English: Nied – need Gothic: Nauths (Nauthis) – need

Nauthiz is the need. And need can never be self-sufficing. Need is always the necessity of something, the feeling of shortage of something one cannot do without. Nauthiz indicates an incompleteness and dissatisfaction with one's current state. 

Nauthiz is akin to astrological Saturn. It causes psychological dissonance and gives endurance, the power to cope with this discontent for an unknown period.

This rune is cold, reserved, disciplined, and relying on a continued interaction with you. A situation caused by Nauthiz cannot be overcome with willpower, reflection, or action. Still, one can develop self-discipline and acquire humility in the face of fate. The change will come when it's time for it, most importantly, it will happen. It's essential to learn the lesson that life gives us.

Nauthiz is not a sudden blow on the head, but a steady pressure of circumstances. One can feel it but can endure it as well. This state can be compared to nursing a sick relative, saving money for a new flat, or keeping accounts of a large company since the previous accountant quit a month ago.

Nauthiz makes people retreat into themselves, urging them to draw all the necessary things in themselves. At the same time, Nauthiz doesn't let anyone forget that this is not all. With this rune's help, people learn patience, wisdom, discipline, and self-restriction.

Against all the odds, Nauthiz carries a lot of optimism. It knows that any circumstances will change if you wait long enough. Truth be told, here waiting is not a passive dreamy expectation of a miracle but a persistent struggle with the pressure coming from the outside or/and within.


The situation you are in doesn't favor your self-realization at work and in personal relationships. Your problems are stronger than you are as yet. You should cast away or suppress your discontent with yourself and the surrounding world and put up with emotional and material losses. If you don't, you are in danger of having depression, nervous breakdown, and an even greater loss. Most likely, you are angry with yourself now and do not believe in your abilities. Take it easy! You don't bring a knife to a gunfight. Look for other ways. To survive is to win. 

Direct or reversed, this rune is complex. Its lesson is the necessity to deal with strict restraints. This rune's role is to bring out your "shady" areas, where growth has come to a halt, which causes weakness. This rune urges you to work with the shade, discover what brings bad fortune in your life. Let trouble help you improve your relationship with your inner self. Remember that purification precedes progress.

Runic advice

Don't despair! Take care of yourself, resist melancholy. Don't' whine, don't groan and don't complain, it's not the end of thу world. Wait, exercise self-control and patience.

If a person you know is behaving in the way described below, pay close attention to this part of the reading:

A person in your life is focused on a goal and controls himself/herself aspiring to a better future. Their goal is mainly selfish and could be idealized. They take the world as an obstacle in achieving the goal, as a possible source of deception and temptation. They are disconnected from reality.

Tip: You can join this person in achieving the same goal, and then you will be accepted as a like-minded person.


Whereas direct Nauthiz signifies misfortune caused by external forces, the reversed rune shows that the source of evil is rooted in your own greed. The source of evil is yourself. You are on the wrong track. Reversed Nauthis reminds you about problems that appeared a long time ago, but you were too greedy to spend your time and money on solving them.  And now these problems backfire. It's not the result of enemy actions. Your greed punishes you. 

The situation calls for purification. After you've purified yourself, you will strengthen your willpower and temper your character. Start with the most challenging part, and then you can move on to more manageable tasks. You are under the influence of your darker side now. Control your anger, repress your impulses, and keep faith that it is what you need.

Runic advice

Overcome your greed! It is the main reason for your misfortune. Control your emotions and actions. Choose what you prefer: to continue complaining about nonexistent enemies and end up in the same situation repeatedly or to sort out the problem once and for all, removing your greed and accepting your mistakes.

If a person you know is behaving in the way described below, pay close attention to this part of the reading:

A person in your life is at the mercy of subconscious desires. They don't think about the consequences of their actions and other people's needs. They are obsessed with their dissatisfaction and desires.

Tip: Be very careful! In any case, they think only about themselves and do not care about the consequences. You are in danger of becoming a dummy.

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