/OO-rooz/ Old Norse: Urr – bison Old English: Ur – bison Gothic: Urus – bull

URUZ is all about energy as we know it. All possible interpretations of this powerful rune are based on its energetic side.

URUZ is the rune of power and energy (both magical and sexual). However, unlike TIWAZ, this rune is not about the all-conquering will but rather the energy that is feeding itself.

The essence of the rune is not furious and invasive Yang. It's much closer to powerful, discerning Yin. Yang is active and pervasive, while Yin is passive and perceptive. The rune's goal is not to inspire but to allow you to create and materialize (unlike FEHU, which is not about opportunities but already created, materialized things). It's a blank page – it has no meaning or essence yet, but its potential is enormous and allows Yang to create whatever it wants. Yang decides what to do with this blank page:  draw a picture, write a poem, make an origami crane, or just throw it away. URUZ is about giving possibilities – and that's all.

URUZ is potential. In theory, you could try to avoid using it, but it is so powerful that ignoring it is practically impossible. That's why the rune is usually used when you need a push. In a narrower sense, the rune is associated with instincts, sexuality, and fullness of life. The rune's essence is feminine and masculine, making it one of the most potent runes in love magic.

It should be noted that URUZ helps in healing, especially if a person is weakened by a severe and prolonged illness, and also helps to feel the joy of life.

The URUZ rune contains enough energy to bring it into any area of your life. It can kick-start your projects and ideas and drive them further on. URUZ's spontaneous, powerful energy overcomes any obstacles in its path.


If you get this rune in the direct position in your runic reading, you are given a fantastic opportunity to make your dreams come true. Whether you can do this depends on you, but you will have an abundance of energy.

URUZ tells you that the situation you are analyzing contains enormous potential. You need to think about what you want to create or achieve.

The rune signifies the perfect time for a change. Something ends in your life, and therefore something new inevitably begins. Some force intervenes in your life, sweeping away everything in its path.

A new reality is emerging, but you should not fear it. All changes are for the better; do not be afraid of them. The rune symbolizes the completion of your old life and the beginning of a new one. You may be frightened and overwhelmed. You're cold, scared, and have no idea what is happening next. But a new life is just around the corner, and with it, new possibilities will come to you.

It signifies completion and new beginnings. It shows that your life needs a change. The old way of living must die to give space for new ones. What is happening now may make your former personality and your old way of living "die." Remember that a new form, a new life, is always better than the old one. Get ready for a unique opportunity that may look like a loss.

Runic Advice

Do not resist the changes and forces that have entered your life; do not cling to the old and familiar. Focus your efforts on supporting and accelerating this change. Perhaps, your personal relationship will undergo some changes, or your business will be organized in a new way.

If a person you know is behaving in the way described below, pay close attention to this part of the reading:

The person you're thinking about is full of a desire to get rid of something; they're not satisfied with what is available and want to move forward. They perceive the situation as a chain that needs to be broken as soon as possible.

Tip: Do not argue, do not oppose – it's hopeless. They're confident and are not afraid of anything. Refrain from sexual experiments – you are simply being used to relieve tension.


For some reason, the energies are now acting contrary to your desires. Perhaps you're about to face obstacles or disappointments. At the material level, these will be monetary losses or other difficulties, or a missed chance. Be careful!

It may seem that your own power is being used against you. For some, this sign will serve as a wake-up call, and minor setbacks and disappointments will serve as hints. For those who are more insensitive and ignorant, it will be a severe shock. But don't stray from the path into darkness. Once in deep water, learn to dive.

In personal relationships, Uruz indicates some kind of addiction. It can be an addiction to a person or even drugs. The rune may also indicate sexual problems.

Some overwhelming events taking place in the outside world are just reflections of what is happening inside you. Remember: only by overcoming yourself will you overcome the resistance of the outside world. A person who is at war with themselves always meets confrontation and resistance from other people.

Runic Advice

Analyze the situation, look inside yourself, and figure out why your inner world's forces come into conflict with external forces. Make sure your inner strength works for you, not against you. You need a serious analysis of how you treat yourself.

If a person you know is behaving in the way described below, pay close attention to this part of the reading:

The person you're thinking about lives in a state of suppressed anger, rage, and desire to argue. They are on edge: it often seems like they're ready to emotionally 'explode' at any given moment.

Tip: Be careful and conflict-free. If you can, defuse the situation or even blame someone/something else

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