/DAH-gaz/ Old Norse: absent Old English: Day – day Gothic: Dags – day

DAGAZ is a rune that is generally considered one of the most positive and unshadowed ones. It solves problems, dispels darkness, and brings the Sun back after a long and cold night… This seems to be a perfect explanation, and the etymology of the word proves the fact, too. However, the whole thing is not that simple. DAGAZ is a metaphorical butterfly. Just like in the case with this insect, the narrowest part of the rune is in its center. When you use the rune to find a way out of a situation, this situation can at first become even more complicated. To cope with the situation, you will have to balance on this thin bridge. Only after it will the situation change for the better. DAGAZ is the rune of catharsis – things will get better soon, but you’ll have to suffer a bit before.

However, the day is not only the period of daylight; it’s, actually, the day and night period, too. And this period includes the transition from light to darkness and back. In fortune telling, DAGAZ stands for significant changes and resolving a situation.

The direct position of the rune is the same as the reversed position

The rune combines two meanings: a Breakthrough and a Day. On the one hand, DAGAZ can stand for luck and prosperity. On the other hand, it can also mean an inevitable transition from Night to Day, a breakthrough in self-change. The rune advises you to act believing in your strength despite the outer circumstances. 

DAGAZ predicts you change not only in your life but in your views on life, too. It presages a period of prosperity, unexpected profit, maybe even spiritual enlightenment. If spiritual life is an integral part of your everyday life, the rune denotes a breakthrough in your self-fulfillment.

Runic advice

Don’t be afraid of anything – all the coming changes will bring positive results. Believe in yourself and your powers, and you’ll win, notwithstanding the circumstances. Some problems can seem more prominent and more significant than they really are, and you’ll soon realize it.

If a person you know is behaving in the way described below, pay close attention to this part of the reading:

A person who is never tired of surprising others. His or her mind and reactions are quick, the changes undertaken are total, and paradoxical decisions bring the greatest fulfillment.

Tip: When dealing with such people, be ready for quick changes in their opinions. However, these opinions will work as they’re perfectly adapted to the new situation. Ask for the person’s advice and try to accept his or her viewpoint.

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