Mercury Retrograde 2020

How to Survive Mercury Retrograde: Tips and Hacks
Confusion reigns in our lives as Mercury retrogrades. Laptops break, phones get lost, typos appear in large numbers, random people yell at you for no reason (and you yell back)… Yep, you can thank Mercury for all these things.

Every single sign experiences this kind of difficulty. No one is immune.

But there are some certain things you can DO to survive the next several weeks. Here’s the list of them.

1. Tie up loose ends


Good news: you can use Mercury’s havoc to your advantage when it comes to the past. To put it simply, it’s a great time to tie up loose ends with a past and almost forgotten project or relationship. Make sure to avoid beating around the bush: be as straightforward as possible. If you want to say no, say it. No maybes.

2. Back everything up


Make sure everything important to you (including photos, documents, notes) is backed up because due to Mercury’s havoc it’s more than possible to lose your info. It’s also a great time to check if your finances are in order.

3. Finish everything


Mercury in retrograde is a great time to finally get to your projects or tasks you’ve been putting off at work. These weeks are terrible for starting anything new, so why not finish something old instead?

4. Hit the gym


Starting new things is not wise when Mercury is retrograde but this doesn’t apply to starting a new fitness routine. Of course, chances are it won’t stick but if it does, it can change your life. If you’re not a fan of gyms, try some yoga classes or just find a healthy diet plan that suits you. Eating healthy will help you survive the havoc that Mercury is about to bring!

5. Relax


Mercury asks you to go with the flow, so why not have some fun? If everything is just a bit too frustrating and things are not going the way you need them to go, get to them in several weeks. Focus on your health, friends, and loved ones. Blowing off your deadlines is not a wise thing to do but you may try postponing things that are not that urgent.

And here’s the list of things you SHOULDN’T do.

1. Panic


This one is obvious. Stay calm. Don’t let Mercury’s tricks upset you. Yoga classes, meditation, and a healthy diet will help you with this.

2. Sign contracts


Don’t sign anything without checking, and then double-checking, and then checking again. Mercury makes communication REALLY messy, so make sure you know what you are doing and what exactly you are signing. If something looks weird, don’t be shy to ask questions.

3. Buy devices


If it’s possible, don’t buy anything electronics-related because any new devices will go haywire anyway. Stick to what you already have until Mercury has sorted his mess out but if you really need to buy that new phone, make sure it’s really worth it. Check reviews and be attentive while choosing your device – no impulsive buying!

4. Spread rumors


Obviously, you shouldn’t do this even when Mercury is not retrograde, but now, when he is, refraining from gossiping is crucial. You can be guaranteed that the person you are gossiping about will hear about it. Assume that everything you say can be heard by everyone – and maybe keep assuming this for the rest of the year.

Mercury retrograde is not the end of the world. In fact, it’s survivable. Follow these simple rules, stick to drama-free people, relax – and enjoy the ride!
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