Rune Stone Reading for June

What to expect this June? Will you succeed? Or should you expect a lot of negative changes? Will you be healthy? Here’s what the runes are saying about your future…

Published: May 26, 2021

Your runes this month are Mannaz and Laguz.

Mannaz: Job, Society, People

This powerful rune symbolizes people – it stands for the human in the social sense. That’s why the rune is associated with socialization (after all, humans are social animals). It says that you’re a part of society.

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Now, the focus is not on human personality but on social acceptability. The shift changes the value of personality. It is defined by how successfully you can interact with other people. The rune is speaking about your relationship with other people; it symbolizes society, its expectations, and what it wants to achieve.

Rune Stone Reading for June: Mannaz

Your Career, According to Mannaz

It is the rune of work and social relationships. It also speaks about public recognition (for example, your career).

Mannaz, the rune of humanity, independence, and a rational mind, says that the situation you’re now in urges you to be humble and modest in everything you do. Now, you shouldn’t focus on your personality. To be productive, you need clarity and focus. Remain modest regardless of your achievements. Another runic advice is to approach your everyday life from a completely new angle. Avoid excesses and be grateful for what you have.

You’re a part of society – those around you perceive you as a cog of a huge mechanism. All your personality traits are seen in terms of social values.

What to do

Analyze your life and yourself. Strive for transformation and bettering your personality. There’s no need to hurry. Be thoughtful, humble, and you will be rewarded.

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Laguz: Strength, knowledge, flow

Rune Stone Reading for June: Laguz

Laguz is a symbol of a self-confident woman who knows what she wants to achieve. It’s a female rune but it has nothing to do with fertility. The rune is also associated with water but it is not a dark depth related to the unconscious. It's more like a flow of life.

Your health, according to Laguz

This rune is a powerful force that carries and supports you. You need to be in harmony with it to make your life a lot easier. Imagine yourself traveling by river: this is much easier than traveling by land. Laguz says that you can move without any effort.

Trust the flow of life and listen to your body and feelings. Allow things to be as they are; let yourself be a part of the vast flow of life and be grateful for every day.

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Rune Stone Reading for June: Laguz, health

Don’t expect any major health issues this month because you’re protected by high energies. Positive vibes will absorb you like ocean waves but it’s important to make sure that your mind is stable and easily navigated. Set yourself up for the signals your body and mind are sending to you.

What to do

Trust yourself and your intuition. Be grateful for what you have.

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Your love life and family, according to Laguz

A river is carrying you. Feel how safe and relaxed you are now. Try to forget about long-lasting plans. Now is the best time to trust the flow. Don’t doubt yourself: you’re beautiful, talented, and strong.

Your feelings are talking to you right now: listen closely to what they have to say about your relationship. If you can trust yourself, you will enjoy a period of love and renewal, no matter what is happening in your relationship right now. Your ship will find its way in the ocean of problems.

Rune Stone Reading for June: Laguz, love life

Intuition is also connected to water as a flow. Water uses any chance to move forward; just like it, intuition helps you reach your relationship goals.

Laguz is a very powerful rune but it is not aggressive. River flow can be dangerous but when a river corridor changes, the character of the flow changes as well. The rune asks you to learn to adapt to any circumstances without changing yourself too much.

What to do

Listen to your feelings. Don’t doubt yourself.

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