Rune Stone Reading For September

Can you expect good news this September? Will you get a pay raise? Will you fall in love? Check out your rune stone reading to find out what this month has in store for you!

Published: Aug 26, 2021

Your runes this September are Jera and Berkan.

Jera (reversed rune): Wealth & Hard Work

Rune Stone Reading for September: Jera

This rune speaks about harvest. However, its meaning is not only connected with reaping your rewards but also the time and effort required to achieve your goals. To get an abundant harvest, you have to work – day after day, and month after month.

The harvest this rune is promising is huge – it may be ten or even a hundred times bigger than the one you get with the rune FEHU. Expect to be rewarded for your hard work.

You have to understand that Jera needs time. You don’t get your rewards here and now. You have to work – and work hard. It speaks about huge rewards but requires patience, perseverance, and trust in the natural order of things.

What runes say about your job & career

Rune Stone Reading For August: Jera and career

Jera plays in your favor if you need to complete a task. To use its powers and positive vibes, draw this rune on a piece of paper and carry it in your pocket or your purse.

Jera can help you overcome any obstacles that appear in your life. The rune won’t let them threaten your results! However, don’t expect any miracles from this rune as it doesn’t work on its own. To succeed, your personal efforts are needed, too.

The rune also indicates financial inflow, so getting Jera in your reading means that you can expect a significant pay raise. It is a sign of a successful resolution of your current situation. This rune is business-oriented – whatever you’re planning to do or achieve will yield results.

Due to your ability to work hard and overcome every obstacle, you will win. Just make sure to stick to your plan!

Berkan (direct rune): Growth and Development

Rune Stone Reading For August: Berkan

This rune is caring, delicate, and soft. For the rune’s vibes, it’s more important to help you than to manifest itself. Berkan’s creativity is very strong: its nature allows you to notice every little detail and use every impulse of creativity. The rune creates perfect conditions for you to work on your projects or even write a novel!

Berkan signifies good news, fertility, and joy. It is connected with intuition, so your spirituality is expected to become much stronger. It speaks about your soul’s purpose in this world and helps you understand it.

Traditionally, Berkan’s essence is soft and shrewd; it will do everything possible to help you solve a problem. It doesn’t matter what your problem is – the rune is here to support you.

What runes say about your health and love life

Rune Stone Reading For August: Berkan and love life

If you’re in a relationship, this rune may foretell the birth of a child or a wedding. Your life is finally entering a very positive period of growth: your relationship will develop into something more meaningful, your spirituality will become stronger, your creativity will blossom.

If you’re facing a health issue, expect to feel much better soon as Berkan indicates natural regenerative powers. The rune will give you a bit of its enormous (but delicate) energy. To feel its support, draw the rune on a piece of paper and carry this simple amulet with you in your bag or pocket. Every once in a while, hold the amulet and think about your goals to recharge it with your energy and feel the energy of the rune.

The rune’s keywords are harmony, growth, and good health. It favors new ideas and tells you that your relationship needs a breath of fresh air. Can you change anything? How can you make your relationship more exciting? Be creative, try to bring new ideas into your relationship. It takes two to tango, so ask your partner to help you!

However, Berkan also requires care and patience, just like Jera. If you want to develop your relationship, be patient, talk to your partner about your feelings, and be supportive. Growth doesn’t happen overnight. The rune requires a deep understanding of what is happening in your relationship.

Supportive forces are entering your life. Just make sure to cooperate with them – and soon you will reap your rewards!

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