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29 January Taurus Daily Horoscope
No matter how well you tick boxes regarding Taurean desire to resist change, you occasionally need to shake things up. Everyone does! As the Moon and Uranus align in your sign, you're reminded that change is not always the harbinger of chaos or insecurity. So, do not dismiss any desire to introduce a change, especially if it connects to your appearance. Radical might suit you!
The Moon has returned for its second visit to Taurus for the year but just the first since Uranus turned direct in your sign earlier in the week but since all four planets that began the year turned direct. As the Moon aligns with both the North Node and Uranus, it is for the first time in five months since both have been focused on the future, without having to have one eye on the rear view mirror. With the Moon enhancing your over the horizon radar, expect your sixth sense to pick up on a sense of excitement and anticipation, for while you can't see around the corner it can.

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