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28 May Taurus Daily Horoscope
Do we live in an age where people are more selfish? We've certainly seen evidence in many ways and on many levels to confirm this. But of course, the world is full of considerate, selfless people - like you, for instance! Conversations and exchanges could be underpinned with support, sensitivity, and love for whoever you believe is a worthy recipient. Give yourself generously!
Having the Moon in Taurus ahead of Venus' return tomorrow is just one of the advantages. As well as ensuring you are emotionally and intuitively engaged ahead of the chance Venus will bring to finally give your heart a voice a week after your birthday month ended, the Moon brings a chance to connect with Mercury. Four weeks after leaving Taurus Mercury is back and having retrograded back in earlier in the week the Moon is giving you a better read on the 20/20 hindsight he is now giving you access to. The Moon has come full circle from last month's New Moon to find there is a chance for a do over.
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