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27 May Taurus Daily Horoscope
Although you undoubtedly have no qualms about putting in more effort in a certain area, you may find that more is required sooner than anticipated. You might not have miscalculated what's required, but may find yourself in the 'deep end' of something you thought was further down the line to progress. But 'progress' is the keyword now. Welcome and be reassured by what changes.
Just four days after Mercury retrograded back into Taurus and just two days before Venus is finally due to return to give your heart a voice, the Moon returns for its monthly visit. Coming full circle from last month's New Moon, the Moon has returned to find that instead of a chance to tie up loose ends after your birthday month ended last weekend, you instead have a chance to revisit your options. This has been a chance to return to the drawing board and with the Moon still here when Venus returns, get a better sense of what you want from the coming year.
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