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Your Horoscope 2022

Aries - FEHU (wealth, cattle) and URUZ (bizon)

Aries native, your fiery sign is connected with Fehu and Uruz. These powerful symbols are associated with Mars (your ruling planet) and Pluto. Fehu is all about being powerful and having enough energy to overcome any obstacle in 2022 – and these qualities are familiar to Aries.

Fehu will bring you luck in 2022 – you can use it’s power to give yourself an energy boost. Uruz shows untamed potential. Uruz and your sign are coupled for the strength, fire, and energy they both represent. The rune gives you the power to get things started and achieve any goal you want.

Taurus - THURISAZ (giant) and ANSUZ (god)

Thurisaz and Ansuz are your rune representations in 2022, Taurean. Your ruling planet, Venus, is also connected with Ansuz. Thurisaz is all about having forceful energy similar to the sign’s essence. Just like Taurus, Thurizas symbolizes instinct and sensuality. The union of Thurizas and your sign makes your earthy energies even stronger in the year ahead.

Ansuz is associated with good health, inspiration, and productivity. Being closely connected with Venus, Ansuz can give you the creative boost you’re craving – using and feeling the energies of Ansuz can make it easier for you to work on your current projects.

Gemini - RAIDHO (road) and KAUNA (ulcer)

Your sign’s 2022 runes are Raido and Kauna. They’re connected with Mercury and Chiron, the warrior you may know from the Greek mythology. Raido represents movement, journey, and evolution – these qualities are something Gemini is famous for as the sign who enjoys movement.

The planet Mercury is associated with your sign because both your sign and the planet have strong communicative and intellectual vibes. You’re always looking for some kind of challenges and intellectual stimulation. Kauna also encourages your intellectual and spiritual growth in the year of the Ox.

Cancer - GEBO (gift) and WUNJO (joy)

Gebo and Wunjo are your sign’s main runes in the year of 2022, while the sun and moon are your celestial bodies. Gebo is the rune of generosity, gifts of various types, and sometimes even sacrifice. Gebo is about giving something to someone else, including emotions and experiences. Gebo also symbolizes personal relationships.

Wunjo is all about joy, comfort, vitality, care, bonding, and prosperity. These are traits your sign cares a lot about. Cancer gets a lot of energetic support from this powerful rune because Wunjo is associated with receiving a meaningful spiritual reward through caring emotions.

Leo - HAGALAZ (hail) and NAUTHIZ (need)

Hagalaz and Nauthiz are your sign’s main runes in 2022; their connection with the sun and moon is very strong. Hagalaz is connected with the destructive forces we can often see in nature. Hagalaz is associated with testing yourself and your abilities, trial, and spiritual completion that is attained after a struggle.

Nauthiz is associated with resistance and acquiring strength through tension. This connection is consistent with the challenges Leo natives often face in life. Nauthiz makes you strong and brave enough to change, innovate, and maybe even survive. Nauthiz gives you strength in trying times.

Virgo - ISAZ (ice) and JERA (plenty)

Isaz and Jera are the main runes of your sign, Virgo. Isa is associated with pausing and looking for answers. Isaz is all about seeking clarity and trying to understand what is going on. Just like the rune, your sign is connected with critical perceptions, intelligence, wit, detailed thinking, and growth.

Jera is the rune of harvest, thinking, analyzing, and peace. With Jera's supportive energy in 2022, your sign can acquire harmony and patience. Jera is close to your sign’s essence: Virgo makes progress through attention to every single detail. The rune’s vibes are all about tending your garden to its fruiting season.

Libra - PERTHRO (unknown) and EHWAZ (horse)

Perthro and Ehwaz are your sign’s main runes in 2022, Libra. These runes are connected with Venus, one of the most powerful planets. Ehwaz is associated with honesty, persistence, and bravery. It is an encouraging rune that gives you the strength to continue the fight to achieve harmony and balance in the year ahead.

Perthro is all about feminine energy – Perthro is symbolic of everything female. Perthro also has a deep connection to history, knowledge, and traditions. This powerful rune can help you create harmony, balance, and a comforting atmosphere at home; it is also useful when you need to feel support.

Scorpio - ALGIZ (moose) and SOWILO (Sun)

Your sign’s main runes are Algiz and Sowilo, Scorpio native. These runes are connected with two powerful celestial bodies: Mars and Pluto. Algiz is all about a protective, warding energy that creates a shield around you. It is also a channel that creates a strong connection between you and your spiritual world.

Sowilo is associated with success, victory, and triumph for you in 2022. This is a supportive rune that can help you achieve your goals – your sign can benefit in this runic connection as Scorpios are often focused on making their dreams come true. Sowilo lends further support to Scorpios for their undertakings.

Sagittarius - BERKAN (birch) and TIWAZ (god)

Sag, your sign’s main runes are Berkan and Tiwaz; your planets are Jupiter and Neptune. Tiwaz teaches you to be yourself, be thoughtful and rational. The rune’s powerful energy gives you the possibility to explore the world and understand your spiritual self better.

Your sign is a traveler; you want to explore new places, meet new people, think about new things and concepts, and learn something new. Berkan is the rune of birth and renewal, and its energy works well with your sign’s strong desire to transform, change, learn, and explore new things in 2022.

Capricorn - EHWAZ (horse) and MANNAZ (human)

Your main runes are Ehwaz and Mannaz. These strong runes are also associated with Uranus and Saturn. Ehwaz sends some supportive vibes your way as Ehwaz carries the potent energy of deliberate growth. Capricorn focuses on achieving their goals, so the energy of Ehwaz works well with your sign.

Mannaz and Capricorn both value order and harmony above all things. Following the defined rules and forming some boundaries is crucial for your sign. Mannaz’s energy is similar to that of your sign: it is inclined towards maintaining existing rules and order. Mannaz is all about traditions.

Aquarius - LAGUZ (water, lake) and INGUZ (fertility)

Laguz and Inguz are the main runes for the sign of Aquarius; they’re connected with Uranus and Saturn who are listed among the strongest celestial bodies. Laguz urges your sign to stay open-minded and ready to explore new things no matter what happens. Laguz is also connected with spiritual growth.

Ingwaz symbolizes the right time to respite and recharge. Inguz' energy is all about harmony, peace, and sometimes undying love between romantic partners. Ingwaz also symbolizes completion and your ability to achieve what you want to achieve; it gives a secure and safe home.

Pisces - OTHALA (estate) and DAGAZ (absent)

Othala and Dagaz are the main runes of your sign in 2022, Piscean. Othala represents inheritances of all types, so it’s obvious that its energy corresponds with your sign’s theme of spiritual inheritance. Othala gives its strong protective energy to your sign, encouraging all kinds of spiritual journeys and transformations.

Dagaz symbolizes change brought about by your own will, not some outside forces. The rune’s energy is about clarity and awakened consciousness. Your sign focuses on the astrological quest for the ideal – and this theme is also a huge part of this rune’s essence and energy.