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01 December Aries Daily Horoscope
There may be comfort offered with a certain routine. However, it might also be predictably unpredictable! You know what needs to proceed smoothly and fit neatly into place, preferably with military precision. However, you could discover delays or interruptions arise that must be dealt with swiftly. The good news is that a better arrangement or system waits to be implemented
In the heart of the working week both personally and professionally there is a chance to pause. It is next week that the planets charged with bringing this professional year home will return while already, back in direct motion Jupiter is on his way back to Aries. While still three weeks away, the Moon's return to Aries tomorrow will bring a chance to check in with the planets that are preparing for his return and the major new doors this will open. Until then, today's nostalgic and reflective lunar vibes offer a chance to pause.
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