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28 May Aries Daily Horoscope
Are we able to recreate 'a good thing'? Sometimes, trying to do so is like re-wrapping a present to see if we experience the thrill of opening it a second time. You might find your focus is drawn to your past. But if the intention is to turn what may have been an anticlimax or disappointing into something satisfying and positive, that's far from impossible.
As she spends her last full day in Aries, Venus is working to not only leave you with a sense of what you want from the future but with something to fight for. Knowing that as Venus leaves tomorrow Mars and Jupiter will begin their first alignment in your sign in over a decade, gives you the confidence of knowing you have the resources to fight for what you want. In her last full day here Venus is encouraging you to listen to your heart, for it knows what you truly want.
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